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(Just kidding. The FDA advises against using any oil-based lube if you’re going to use a condom. If you're reading this and you've already used coconut oil as a lubricant, don't freak out. But what about when you're expecting? "For most women that means more vaginal secretions." What Other Pregnancy Safe Lube Can You Use? Barbara says: October 9, 2015 at 11:34 pm Fantastic article- just what I was hoping to find. There are several spermicidal lubricants on the market and most condoms have spermicidal lube already applied. - Coconut Oil As Lube. Coconut oil has almost 100% saturated fat and according to various health organizations, it is advised to limit the use of saturated … The use of coconut oil in pregnancy has become a popular practice. Can you use coconut oil as lube while pregnant? Can you use coconut oil as lube while pregnant? Completely unrelated I'm sure. Thrush is rampant enough in pregnancy, you don’t definitely want to do anything to encourage it. Many women do use coconut oil as lube and they get along with it very well. - SABIAS UN DATO. Want to make your hair soft and shiny? As a pregnant lady, you can still use coconut oil for all of that — and more — but maybe leave off experimenting with coconut oil's potential in the bedroom for a less sensitive time. Just apply a small amount as needed. Where’s the coconut oil? November 2015 edited November 2015 *lurker warning* Coconut oil is great for that! Can Substitute Dairy:. The only real downside to water-based lubricants is that they absorb quite quickly, so you may need to reapply at some stage during proceedings! longhurrdontcurr member. NOT Latex Condoms Compatible: The water based lubes and the silicone based lubricants are known to be friendly with latex condoms. But don't toss that vat of coconut oil yet. Hii! Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy. Just 2 tablespoons of the wonder oil can keep your immune system strong to help you sail smooth through the 9 months. Some women can’t get enough, some don’t even want to be touched, and some can take it or leave it. Can You Use Coconut Oil as a Lube During Pregnancy? Water-based products are probably your best choice. (In addition to coconut oil, extra-virgin olive makes a great natural lube as well.) Remember as we said before, every woman is different. Canola and Baby Oil . Pingback: Can One Use Coconut Oil As Lube While Pregnant? The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. It is used for cooking, skincare, and lubrication, among other things. They are slick enough to do the job and very unlikely to cause irritation. It’s a personal choice, but certainly, one which will not harm your baby in the slightest lube or no lube! involved, it is called virgin coconut oil. For Stretch Marks and Itchy Skin:. All rights reserved. Using coconut oil in pregnancy helps maintain skin elasticity, and prevents belly scarring and itching due to pregnancy. Carefully read the ingredients before choosing a lubricant. Coconut oil is generally safe and effective to use as a lubricant, says Michael Ingber, MD, a urologist and urogynecologist at Garden State Urology. I’m going to be 60 soon and am a widower of 3 years. Coconut oil has no spermicidal properties. Oil-based lubes can damage the material condoms are made from and lead to breakage. Benefits Of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy: 1. ... 3. 2021 Bustle Digital Group. It has the duel bonuses of being readily available and free. For other, more exotic lubricant choices, the best advice is to check with your midwife or doctor. Obviously plenty of foreplay is required to get things going and that is something which may help you with vaginal dryness during pregnancy. But can you safely use it as a lube during pregnancy? Still, during pregnancy, when you want to protect that pH balance more than ever, you're probably better off talking with your OB-GYN about the tried-and-true lubes they already know to be safe. As a healthy fat, coconut oil can benefit your body from the inside out during … "In general we recommend water-based lubricants," says Thoppil. Coconut oil is a non-toxic, sperm-friendly lubricant for intercourse. Thrush is rampant enough in pregnancy, you don’t definitely want to do anything to encourage it. If you feel like your go-to synthetic lube can sometimes feel clumpy after prolonged… The internet has spoken: coconut oil is a wonderful thing. Some big named firms, such as Anne Summers and Lush also produce water-based lubes. They might not be as natural as coconut oil, but they'll get the job done. Anti-Infection Properties Of Coconut Oil:. Coconut oil is a magic oil that is used for practically everything these days. Pingback: Lubricantes naturales para nuestras relaciones. One thing you should be cautious of with coconut oil lube: condom use. It tastes great, and, according to Allure, it's a kind of "beauty cure-all," with uses as a makeup remover, a breath freshener, and a facial moisturizer. Hopefully, though, you'll find that during pregnancy, you might not need lube as much as you did before. According to Parents, oily lubricants may come with some unpleasant side effects, so here's what … Animal skin condoms are another alternative to latex. Below is a short video whether or not is it safe to use coconut oil: If you find yourself a little on the dry side, even when you are desperately turned on, take heart knowing that many lubricants are safe to use during pregnancy. Fancy a massage? Yes. Some women find that increasing this can be enough to avoid lube altogether and not have to try products which they might otherwise want to avoid. When to Tell Immediate Family About Pregnancy, What to Eat 1 Hour Before A Glucose Test During Pregnancy, What To Do When You Get a Positive Result in Your Pregnancy Test at Home. Remember as we said before, every woman is different. If you have been cleared for sex by your health-care provider and are using a reputable lubricant according to directions there is very little if any risk of harm to your baby. Copyright © 2020 Read more: 9 Foods to Eat Now If You Want to Get Pregnant According to a 2018 research paper published in the journal IntechOpen, coconut oil may help prevent congenital defects and make labor … I have conceived yet, but that has nothing to do with the lube Keep in mind: “Polyisoprene shouldn’t be used with oil-based lubricants, as polyisoprene is degraded by oil,” says Dr. Jackie. However, there are … Since there is no heating, bleaching, deodorising etc. You may have also been blessed with one of the most enjoyable symptoms of pregnancy – a super horny libido. Add It to Your Diet. These are just some of the benefits of coconut oil. “If you are going to try coconut oil lube, be sure to only use a small amount," says Dr. Landry. While many women find themselves practically gushing with natural lubrication during pregnancy, others find themselves drier than summertime in the Sahara and would rather use a pregnancy safe lube. If you can avoid even one yeast infection by leaving coconut oil out of the sex equation, you should absolutely do it. Sex is an important part of a relationship and it’s also a basic human need. The easiest solution? safety of coconut oil as a personal lubricant. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, this food can boost your health and well-being.Moderation is the key, though. It helps decrease vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and will not disrupt your conception efforts. Having said that coconut oil is an oil and as said before may contribute to yeast infections. "I recommend a fertility-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed that mimics fertile uids, is pH balanced, and is isotonic so sperm can swim freely," he says. "I am a fan of Replens, which is a common non-estrogen lubricant we use in menopausal women." As far as specific brands of lubricants, Astroglide is a firm favorite among pregnant women. However, if you’re using condoms to protect yourself from STDs or pregnancy, you shouldn’t use an oil-based lube like coconut oil. "Coconut oil is probably safe, but it can affect vaginal pH and for certain women, this can increase the rate of vaginal infections," explains OB-GYN Dr. John Thoppil in an email interview with Romper. If specialty made fertility lubricants are out of your budget, you may want to consider baby oil or canola oil. Lubrication, and one of the best lubricants is coconut oil (yes, the same coconut oil that you use for cooking). According to Glamour, the very properties that make coconut oil magical as hair and skincare — for instance, its antifungal and antibacterial properties — are exactly the elements that can mess with your pH, especially if you're already prone to infections. It, in fact, can cause several problems including urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. Many women do use coconut oil as lube and they get along with it very well. Having said that coconut oil is an oil and as said before may contribute to yeast infections.'s Feature Editor is a dedicated Mom of 3, pregnancy geek, giver of hugs and a great listener. In addition, oil-based and silicone-based lubricants may change the pH balance of the vagina, increasing the risk of yeast infections. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. If you want to give it a try clear it with your physician then go for it. According to Parents, the rapid hormone fluctuations of pregnancy and even a decreased interest in sex can also contribute to vaginal dryness, which is nothing to worry about so long as you don't have any itching or burning along with it. And according to Shape, there haven't been any scientific studies to determine the safety of coconut oil as a personal lubricant one way or another.   For ease of use, you can put the oil into a travel size shampoo bottle and leave it by your bedside. For one, coconut oil is not compatible with latex, which means you can’t use it with traditional condoms and certain sex toys. Some of the links on Pregged lead to sites we are affiliated with, such as Amazon, and we may earn revenue from them. Because of the … Below is a short video whether or not is it safe to use coconut oil: Some women swear by coconut oil for lube during pregnancy. Coconut oil has all the downsides of other oil-based lubricants. First, know that because coconut oil is, well, an oil, it won’t work well with latex condoms and can increase the risk of breakage. I actually stopped using coconut oil after a while I felt like I didn't need any extra lube..then on a whim I had a friend buy me some preseed which I tried last cycle and it was alright. Coconut oil can´t be used with latex condoms though. He notes that some women who still feel dry might simply be progesterone dominant (progesterone is like the anti-estrogen, he explains). It’s safer to use water or silicone-based lubes with condoms. "Pregnancy increases both estrogen and progesterone levels quite a bit," says Thoppil. To be frank, I said you can use coconut oil as lube but there are some CONS about this lube. Report 0 Reply. The first month I tried for a baby I got pregnant with coconut oil as lube but unfortunately lost that baby. Coconut oil — or really any oil based lube you may be using — has the potential to break down latex barriers such as condoms, dental damns, finger cots or even latex gloves. All rights reserved. Grab the coconut oil. These days, coconut oil is used for just about everything, from food to haircare and skincare — and it's even having a moment as lube. As always, be sure to ask your doctor if you're really troubled by vaginal dryness, or concerned about the safety of any personal lubricant. Coconut oil has anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that helps prevent common cold and flu. This is all down to those pesky hormones that run riot during pregnancy. Coconut oil has tons of other uses and you can create some great spa-like products with it to enjoy before and after you're pregnant. It is excellent but to an EXTENT. Since coconut oil is (obviously) an oil, it has the same problems as any other oil-based lubricant. According to Healthine, pH is essentially a measure of how acidic or basic the vaginal environment is. Avoid anything which contains added extras, such as glycerin, fragrances, or parabens. How Safe Is Coconut Oil in Pregnancy? It sounds gross but carries the same risk of contracting an illness is receiving oral sex. The consumption of coconut oil is to be kept at a moderate level to reap the benefits. If nothing adverse occurs then you’ve found your go-to lube. Just as I said earlier, it works for stretch marks. Now going to use preseed! According to a 2014 study, coconut oil is clinically proven for safe and effective use as a moisturizer. According to one study published in Contraception journal, exposing commercial latex condoms to mineral oil for just 60 … According to Parents, oily lubricants may come with some unpleasant side effects, so here's what you should know about this trendy tropical emollient when it comes to pregnancy. During normal pregnancy, the cervix seals completely, so no harm will come to your baby if you and your partner indulge in a little intimacy. We know that each pregnancy is unique and women have a massive range of different experiences. You should also steer clear of lubricants that advertise enhanced features, such as “tingling” or “cooling” sensations. Coconut oil is good at preventing most fungal, viral and bacterial... 2. And if you need a hair mask it doubles up too! Research has found them to be trying to conceive friendly. This is nothing to be at all embarrassed about and they will have been asked this question countless times in the past. On a sunny vagina day, a balanced, slightly acidic environment prevents yeast and bacteria from growing, reported Healthline. As OB-GYN Sherry Ross, M.D., told Self, coconut oil causing infections is more a theoretical concern than anything else. Coconut Oil for Fractionated Hair Growth and Skin - Natural Massage Oil - Anti-Aging Skin Moisturizer for Dry Skin for Men & Women - Pure Massage Coconut Oil for Pregnancy - 8oz - … Side Effects/ Cons Of Using Coconut Oil As Lube For SEX. If you are concerned about preventing pregnancy use protection or abstain. You can pick up Replens over-the-counter, or ask your doctor what they recommend. Great Source Of Lauric Acid:. Head online to search out the best options and to minimize any possible embarrassment at the checkout point! They are also easier to clean up and less likely to stain than their oil or silicon-based counterparts. Of course, if you wanted to be as natural as you can get, saliva is always an option. If you do feel the need to get a little frisky, Mother Nature might have a little surprise for you. Am I Harming my Baby by Using Lube, or Having Sex During Pregnancy? In particular, yeast infections, while not particularly dangerous, are very common during pregnancy, reported American Pregnancy. NAKED SILK There is no reason to avoid it during normal pregnancy, other than if you simply don’t fancy it or you don’t feel comfortable enough. DP and I don't use condoms so that's OK. Mostly I just want to know if it works in practice for what I need it for. After breast milk, coconut oil is the next best source of lauric acid. "An excess buildup of oil in the vagina can be a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria or yeast." The plus point with using a pregnancy safe lube is that you will enjoy yourself much more because you won’t have to deal with unpleasant friction burning sensations which could otherwise occur if you were too dry to enjoy yourself. These additives aren’t necessary and can irritate both you and your partner’s sensitive bits. Can you use coconut oil as lube while pregnant? They're also a huge pain in the butt. However, when that environment is thrown off for whatever reason, infections can ensue, and absolutely no one needs that kind of problem during pregnancy. SHOP NOW. It may cause the condom to break. The oil can throw your pH off, but Ross hasn't seen any cases in her practice.

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