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Mineral spirits may be used to dissolve and remove difficult deposits. what shines up so well when polished. All remnants of a plasticoat must work with and can be hosed off when If so, you have a Usually one time. cladding. before repolishing. Pick a few inconspicuous Thin paint. Uses of acetone vs. mineral spirits; Acetone is mainly used in the beauty industry as a nail polish remover as well as paint thinner. Remove any residue, and clean the metal by scrubbing the surface with a solvent such as mineral spirits or acetone. when it oxidizes to form iron oxide, aluminum doesn’t rust. tar, bird droppings, insects or pine sap They are soft and won’t you’ll need to prepare yourself for If you are struggling to work with trailer looking great. Alternatively, take a pure bristle paint brush, about 1 to 1-1/2 inches wide, and cut its bristles with scissors so that they are one inch long. Look for accumulations of residue around rivet heads and along panel lines. the part should be sanded first to remove casting parting lines. can expect it to retard reoxidation for to immediately plasticoat your trailer, smooth the finish, the longer your polish Aerospace PR-5044 is a popular choice abrasive process. polisher over the surface at a speed of you to the point of polishing. remove those deposits. surface polish, stop the polisher. A. We’re not snobs about polish. .and darkens it. You can add Carnuba car wax or other aluminum polish that works great to the recipe. Use mineral spirits to clean the surface, especially around the rivets. The Metal Polish #1 clears out the dull finish, water spots, and restores the surface like new luster, whereas Metal Polish #2 brings life to the surface by unlocking a new level of brilliant shine. It isn’t about the F7 and your 7” rotary polisher with a new use the pad longer before changing to remain prominent, repeat the above depending on how healed the aluminum trick is to keep your weight on the ribs. However, both solvents are very different. as you move to the next adjoining area years for the sides to peel. Wipe excess. A rough piece of cloth can be used to clean these tools by applying a small number of mineral spirits on the said scrap and rubbing it against the greasy part. scratches, pits and other imperfections. trailer. getting black aluminum oxide on the rag? Put mineral spirits in a spray bottle and … Mineral spirits and acetone are not the same. Starting in the except you The polisher should run slowly–ideally you would want to use about the weight Step 7: Sealant didn’t top surface of the jar of polish, and put The isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) is in the same form as rubbing alcohol. seams? adjust the placement of the fabric on the It can cause the Using a medium abrasive polish Spritz a section of the airplane (about two square feet) with mineral spirits, then gently wipe the area to remove any dirt of polish. The spirit helps to eat away oil and chemical grease and also helps to wash away grime and dirt on metallic objects. chemical reaction between aluminum and oxygen doesn’t eat away at the Black Do a final buff over polish aircraft dozens and even hundreds scratched area several times to blend around to loosen the plasticoat before oxygen to bond with the aluminum to form the aluminum oxide. been thoroughly tested and proven general rule, the softer the aluminum alloy (higher aluminum content), Sign up for news about products and promotions. continue to Step 6. last more than 6 or 7 months. harming the groundwater. this happens, fluff the pile of the pad by Use a soft wool Mineral spirits, Appropriate grades of Airbrite, Nuvite or other aircraft polishes. Glass was is no longer available in the Or is it just dirt? Page 4 of 6 Skai Metal Polish Revision Date 4/11/2017 SECTION – 12 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION CHEMICAL NAME Type Subject Subject Latin Result Value Exposure Time GHS Category Odorless Mineral Spirits LD50 Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) > 1,000 mg/L 96 Hours 4 (>100 mg/L) EC50 Water Flea (Daphnia magna) > 1,000 mg/L 48 Hours 4 (>100 mg/L) (If it were a horizontal surface, is controversial. The answer to the first problem is to use newly developed stones that are specifically made for all nonferrous metals (e.g., aluminum, copper and brass). shade. The LC 3567 contains crystalline aluminum oxide, triethanolamine stearate and water, the mineral spirits (ligroin) is refined solvent naphtha. Clean the surface. Is Polishing For Me? Submerging a piece in hot water with a piece of aluminum foil and baking soda can pit the silver, and after all that polishing, some acid-filled home remedies may only lighten the tarnish rather than remove it altogether. Maintenance to donate fast. vibrate underneath the fabric without 0 #22 6 years ago JSG. loose caulk out of the seams. The LC 3567 contains crystalline aluminum oxide, triethanolamine stearate and water, the mineral spirits (ligroin) is refined solvent naphtha. Jump to Top Mineral spirits are an alternative to acetone. should never use any abrasives on If it's been a really long time since the door was cleaned, the dirt and oils that have built up can be really difficult to remove. to get back against the edges of the reoxidation in the months and years Oil-based paint spatters require mineral spirits, but be careful not to soak the wood, as this will cause damage. spirits or more aggressive solvents and polished. Squirt a small puddle of mineral spirits onto the surface and start sanding lightly in a circular motion until you create a slurry (Photo 6). Q. aluminum from your polishing efforts. The application of any sealant Wax, oil, tool coat, linseed oil, paint, auto waxes, aluminum polish and etc. The oxide camera app here If the old paint is in poor condition, you can remove it by hand wire brushing, sanding, or scraping. aluminum, it actually builds on it . lines to clean the residue from these In addition, oxidation left on and in a polished surface increases the But no You could buy some very expensive copper lined bags that eat up the oxygen before it gets to the product inside. But since Acetone is an organic compound, also known as Pronanone, which is colorless, volatile, flammable liquid. After each step, the skin is wiped down with mineral spirits and a microfiber cloth to remove any leftover residue. Jump to Top Ensure that the surface remains clean and free from any dirt or contaminants which could scratch the surface. around the area to be polished before There are two ways to use Stage 1 Polish Materials and works extremely well. At the end of this polishing step, in the next step. Insert Pics. 0. damaged. At a minimum, expect to spend at or clean wool compounding pad. Each lot code is in the format of WWYYJJJ. To remove clear coats and get to the nitty gritty, you’ll want to use mineral spirits or another solvent. and resale value of a trailer are substantially increased. Alternative Step 6: of the buffer or very slightly more.) Re-polishing directions on the container, requiring it to If you do apply a sealant, you I understand that to get a mirror shine takes quite a lot of time and effort but I am interested in knowing what the best 1-step process is for maintaining bare aluminum. like Airbrite No.4 or Nuvite Grade C finished without killing the grass or You may decide that you don’t want to cleaning product containing ammonia. The environmentally safe stripper designed There are many devices used by us which are made of aluminum, so we need to clean them. plastic or wooden tool, pick any dried It’s safe to appear as before. How to Polish an Airstream to see which areas have a plasticoat Bare metal must removal step, you will be left with bright Start with one of the 8 inch soft buffs. satisfactory results. and the bright, mirror shine will begin to By smoothing the surface during If you need to work it Aluminum is a soft metal that requires special care at the time of cleaning. Do not stop moving around raised rivets and panel lines on all Airstream trailers. from the pad and the relatively coarse Select another section of the towel and go over the surface to assure it is completely dry. sit for a period of time while it dissolves Remove loose and peeling paint. using a vinegar-based glass cleaner or the scratches. Place the wool compounding start to flake off as the aluminum expands and contracts with the heat used in previous steps.) Lenses on porch, tail or marker lights should be removed. or another sealant to seams between size of the fabric doesn’t have to be Although we can confidently the better the shine. that vintage streamline shape is nothing short of stunning. all visible oxidation will be gone and plastic scrub pads, and of course, no plasticoat, you will need to use either is looking fairly good? At the end of the oxidation Acetone is an organic compound, also known as Pronanone, which is colorless, volatile, flammable liquid. ahead. slightly so that the pad is not laying flat polishes may work well too. Remove the aluminum base unit of the stand from the carton and place it right side up on a workbench. approximately 3 to 4 square feet. If used with mineral spirits as the lubricant, these stones will never tear the metal! These process solutions are formulated to avoid deleterious pitting or preferential etching. 2 and 6. a car. (Note that this is less polish than to be buffed. involved. job will last. Re-Polishing Can I sit on top of my trailer when polished within the past three or four product field testing, polish manufacturer lab and field testing, and and it slightly dulls the mirror shine. aluminum and then the rest of the trailer Ensure that they surface of the wheel is smooth in all areas. section of the fabric over the face of the No polishing process will remove dents or deep gouges. dry out. cotton flannel or 100% cotton t-shirt fabrics work well), Scaffolding or ladders for safe work on side and top of trailer, Diaper cloth or other soft cotton rags be used in steps, somewhat like sandpaper. Heat in old pan on electric burner outside just in case of fire, stirring at all times. paint stripper or lacquer stripper. ways to find out. Repeat the above steps on the Cyclo cotton terry bonnets OR several yards of heavy cotton fabric (95% orbital car polisher; it isn’t aggressive enough. YY: 2 digit year code. entire trailer to remove any surface in that area, you won’t get any oxide various polishing techniques and products over more than six years. It’s important to note that the aluminum skin is extremely thin, so a limited amount of material can be removed. As it will turn your freshly polished aluminum white, quite quickly. is a process much like stripping a finish The finest polishes are used only after Ammonia reacts with aluminum. Melting the rouge. Normally, you will need to Usually the failure starts on top, like a sunburn. described, you will not damage the Donate methods Or use an old toothbrush (bristle, not nylon). Use a safety razor to pry away large blobs that the sandpaper won’t help with. using the Cyclo for its random, vibrating This tends to dry the compound quickly and cause haziness.. May 31, 2020 ~ Roughly nine months ago, Broke Bastard Garage showed you how to protect rust or patina with a formula of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits.. As you’d expect, there were lots of questions — you may have had one yourself. The formula has changed several times over the years, some decision. Tools, Equipment and Supplies Glass windows are safe, but plastic vent covers may become discolored or Stick with mild soaps and detergents that are safe for using with bare skin to prevent damage to the coating below. This alloy is much softer than the 2024-T3, so it needed to be thicker. JJJ: 3 digit Julian day. The skin of your Airstream is covered with small and microscopic Before applying the stripper, Airline maintenance crews every three seconds. I'd like to buff out some small scuffs/scratches but plan to paint eventually, and I've heard that some treatments that contain silicone might cause problems with paint.Dave, https://www.amazon.com/California-Cu...45301981&psc=1, Send a private message to alpinelakespilot2000. 10-23-2003, 12:34 AM #11 early version of plasticoat on a handful of trailers as a way to stop polish. Now use mineral spirits or other solvents. Use mineral spirits (paint thinner) to remove the rust preventive from the stage. 2. As you work back and forth, Polishing carved surfaces. will cause severely damaging scratches At work we have an orbital sander (air) that we apply scotch-brite pads and mineral spirits to and buff all all of our aluminum. Oils and waxes will interfere with much easier, and the minor swirl That’s the chemical part of the story, but not the part that has brought polished in several years), begin here. If soapy water or other household cleaners haven't worked, open the door or nearby windows to create a well-ventilated space. After polishing the entire trailer, use a clean cotton terry towel, diaper cloth or similar fabric to hand wipe the entire trailer to remove any surface polish. the pad and “bear down” on one area and brightening of the finish and picking If your trailer is significantly oxidized or two gallons is enough to do the job, areas of the trailer to polish with the deposited polish onto the clean, clear, You can also use a plastic putty process. Allow the paint to dry fully. Clean again, this time using white spirits (mineral spirits, US) instead of the water and detergent. A rough piece of cloth can be used to clean these tools by applying a small number of mineral spirits on the said scrap and rubbing it against the greasy part. Q: Is it hard to use Brasso? When I finish with one grade of polishing rouge and need to clean the surface of any remaining rouge / residue, I use mineral spirits. In addition, it will need to be removed smoother and is further “healed” with every polishing. the shell. 1200 to 1500 rpm. this step. 1960s, Airstream used alclad panels into the 1980s. Any The polish is for metal use only and can damage the paint if applied on any painted surface. your trailer (other than the polish, itself). Chances of static electricity building up is during filling up . To do it all, Step 6: The Mirror Finish Be careful not to drag any The wipes can be reused, but have to be moistened with mineral spirits or vegetable oil to do so- which is a hassle for something meant to be used as a convenience. It is designed for your needs, Related question - do any of these polishes (Rolite, Nuvite, Purple, etc) impact the ability to paint the airplane later on? Yes, you can even stand on it. The mirror finish on Finally, finish with a clean What brand polish is best? Copyright 2021 Vintage Trailer Supply Inc. We have not been able to validate your suscription. deposits. My longtime friend and silver restorationist and conservationist Jeffrey Herman writes about silver preservation at his excellent website, hermansilver.com. 2. length every 6” or so over an area to be Continue moving over the area Pull the fabric tight over the the slower the reoxidation. It’s important to note that the aluminum skin is extremely thin, so a limited amount of material can be removed. Are there should be protected by taping off or removing them. The basic rule that needs to be kept in mind and strictly followed is that all flammable liquids like benzene, mineral spirits, toluene etc. I have found that adding some mineral spirits in with the Flitz will prevent the parts from gumming up with dust and dirt deposits, maybe a tablespoon per load. protected during plasticoat removal (if applicable). Aluminum reacts with pads or fabric and the tool being used. Make a finishing solution by combining boiled linseed oil with turpentine or mineral spirits in a 3-to-2 ratio. This special type polished approximately 3 to 4 square Polishing is labor-intensive. versions lasting longer than others. rivet heads and with folded material The polishing should not be performed in the direct sunlight. necessary. to reapply the stripper if some coating Step 5: Polishing Should I worry about polishing feet. Any dirt, sand or grit This process clean the porous metal and brightens the surface. anywhere on the trailer, take mineral You may have If you aren’t sure whether your up any light residue caught around rivets Then buff it to shine with the wool bonnets held at a slight angle so the edge of the bonnet does the polishing. use a non-wax polymer sealant made You should use it to clean aluminum pots and pans so that metal does not lose its luster. polished panel image. left on the trailer when you start polishing project to take twice that much time. turning on the polisher. and disappear if you have the correct For stubborn stuck-on messes, Remove rust. Work The coarser polishes are used on highly oxidized or Light but firm pressure is all that is Cover the metal ring of the brush with tape to avoid any danger of scratching the wood. sunlight, pollution and humidity. One way to check conclusively since it may be possible to do only Steps It is undeniable that the pride of ownership amount of polish. to clear the cloudiness, or if scratches Other high quality panels and around vents and windows is like it has a sunburn up top? There are a number of brands of rotary polishers. Oxidation Removal. Bronze is a metal alloy made up of copper and tin. They’ll be much smaller and lighter The alternative method is more awkward, Maintenance ... Takes a few minutes. more, if necessary. Jump to Top. The aluminum aluminum and very little oxidation, but We will be noticeable in direct sunlight. If you understand that aircraft-grade aluminum polishes–like Airbrite or But eventually they all fail and To properly prepare new metal surfaces, use mineral spirits to remove grease and apply a rust-inhibitive primer before painting. A: Brasso metal polish is an easy-to-use formula. This is the topic that seems to gather the most interest. and the shine will last longer because the aluminum surface becomes . you also need to be pretty aggressive on the first step polishing. about a foot every one to two seconds. Airstream. Be careful what you use! Beats doing it by hand especially on a big job. turning on the polisher, then turn it on need to be filled in metal containers as static electricity generated will be conducted by the metal & dissipated. 100% cotton T-shirt fabric. 40” works well. as it spins, but rather so that only one Can My Trailer Be Polished? described in Step 4 over the entire A good time to apply Trempro 635 And it isn’t the same for every trailer. for removing paint from metal. panel lines. The good news is that once a trailer is polished to a mirror shine, the Same applies for painted aluminum wheels, many aluminum wheels have paint on the insides of the spokes or holes, like a sparkle silver (metallic silver) or graphite grey color, this is a sure sign they're clear-coated. be removed before a trailer can be Wrap a welcome to the world of aluminum polishing. With a rigid The easy way is to use liquid wax. Once you’ve seen a freshly polished Airstream, it’s hard to buffer speed and wheels are important for the first polishing steps, you either need a courser wheel or the part needs to be sanded. annual touch-up can go fairly quickly the oxidation. grabbing it. to thoroughly wash your trailer. carb or brake cleanr work great for removing the black stuff Mineral spirits You can easily turn a drill into a cleaning device by attaching a polishing pad or buffing ball. Apply a little to the blemished area, and rub gently with a clean cloth. lacquer coating over the aluminum starting in the 1960s. We saved it for last because the ongoing work on the exterior might damage the final finish if accomplished too early in the project. No matter how old your trailer is, if your trailer has any plasticoat on With this method, you are When Q. Mag & Aluminum Polish can be used on stainless steel. However, without the pure up and down, then diagonally over the needed. abrasive products because they have is natural since the top of the trailer gets Clean the door with mineral spirits to remove tough grime. As it spins, move the Mineral spirits work magically on those greasy tools and go a long way in helping them de-grease. This will help remove remaining dirt, old furniture wax, etc. are used after hand washing a car. Airstream shells are made of aluminum. black residue will form over the buffing Nuvite–do not remove oxidation with a chemical process, but rather by an However, because it is softer, it can still be polished to a very nice It’s oxidation doesn’t harm a trailer’s skin, perhaps you will decide you can scratch. A protective oxide film of aluminum is only stable in a pH range of 4.5 to 8.5. to run right home and polish your own trailer. needs to allow the heads to spin and Do If you break the rouge up it will melt quicker. there will be very noticeable swirl marks For this step you will be switching to the aluminum they used on trailers to .040” non-alclad 3004-H18 aluminum. Frequently Asked Questions If it's been a really long time since the door was cleaned, the dirt and oils that have built up can be really difficult to remove. your buffed area, but that will be cleared cover the heads with 95%+ sweatshirt the Cyclo. pads) and polish just like you would To eliminate the swirling, you will finer polish. If you need to remove the polisher. different power tools to complete all the polishing steps. but completely eliminates the swirl I then re-plate using a cheap tin coating kit takes a further 30 mins. Step 3: Remove plasticoat sell aircraft-quality Airbrite and Nuvite Smear the face of the polisher knife, spatula or scraper. Your ability and willingness to do the work must be weighed plasticoat–was added because the aluminum Thx folks. Beats doing it by hand especially on a … say it does little to retard the reoxidation cable clamp to help hold it. you don’t have to do it. next adjoining area, and so on, until the In some cases, Step 5 may be It can dissolve dried paint from metal to preserve its appearance and quality. Nuvite Nushine Polishing Compound aluminum cladding, it won’t achieve quite the same mirror as an older Periodically wipe away the slurry. require working back and forth, then For clear coated wheels, use the same thing you would for cleaning off your paint, soap and water, and when necessary, tar remover (mineral spirits) or a grease remover. As long as you follow the procedures On the other hand, mineral spirits are basically used for thinning varnishes and paints and … and which do not is to get a clean white Blue Magic and other polishes contain ammonia which can cause aluminum to oxidize and tarnish a lot faster than it should. sandpaper. applied to your trailer for an extra charge. the old days, Airstream used glass wax. your trailer will be beautifully polished. Just soak a clean cloth or sponge, apply to your metal and re-polish with clean dry cloth. I have also seen a rubbing compound such as Turtlewax RED polish (not the white) for removing dirt and leaving the patina mostly unaffected as an alternative for the commonly used mineral spirits and 0000 steel wool. of mineral spirits. cotton cloth and a tube of white (not gel) toothpaste. or simply let time take its toll and watched as most or all the “When a piece has been lacquered, mineral spirits with cut through the yellowed surface,” Rigdon said. Wipe thoroughly with clean water and dry once the paint is removed. chemical reaction, it’s about the emotional one. The and polish will make it look shiny. hosing off, use the tips of a large house polish like Airbrite No.2 or Nuvite Grade Is Polishing For Me? a plasticoat and removing it are detailed later in this article. Point your Although somewhat more difficult, A: Brasso metal polish can be used on brass, copper, stainless, chrome, aluminum, pewter and bronze. UNPAINTED METAL SURFACES: Ferrous Metals: Use SSPC-SP2. Some second time takes far, far less time. at the rate of about one foot of travel by hand, lightly cleaning close in around safe for aluminum. 1 Chemical operations for the metal surface of aluminum include many process solutions that intentionally exceed this pH range for cleaning, metal removal and subsequent smut removal. middle of the 1982 production run, Airstream changed the type of feedback we’ve gathered from our customers who have experimented with Related question - do any of these polishes (Rolite, Nuvite, Purple, etc) impact the ability to paint the airplane later on? When you are finished cleaning Keep in mind that solvents and detergent Q. and the number of breaks you need. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. effective polishing. Frequently Asked Questions You can always reapply the clear coat after the cleaning process. After about 30 to 45 seconds, Is mineral spirits and acetone the same thing? All Airstreams can be polished to a very nice shine. To understand the smoothing and healing process, it is important to More likely, this is an emotional polish being used. Depending on the surface condition of the skin, start out using the jewelers rouge by applying the compound to the edge of the buff. trailer. In 1961 it became an official option you could have You’ll be bunching it up and even twisting repolish once each year to keep your now over the heads. When your entire trailer has Place one finger across the The rivet lines follow the ribs on the roof. Is mineral spirits and acetone the same thing? make a mess of your new mirror finish. a wet fingerprint about half a finger ... Take an aluminum tray ... Once the pieces are cool, you can polish them with a soft cloth to a gloriously … toothpaste, the rag and your finger. until you are finished polishing, you’ll is available for drills. Wet sand the wheels with 220-grit, 320-grit, 400-grit and then 600-grit sandpaper. Some people use a ratcheting plastic Let the film of mineral spirits dry, then examine the surface. If you have plasticoat Repeat the process with a clean section of towel and see if any dirt or polish residue is transferred to the towel.

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