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But each point is worth 0.5p. There’s a cap of £100 in vouchers per Nectar account (down from £200 in previous years). I generally find these are either niche, or products you’ll probably get cheaper elsewhere. Our registered office is at 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT. I have to stay at home during this lockdown and to redeem a double points voucher in store is out of the question. Tweet now. 5.0 out of 5 stars Listening Party. It seems to have a 20.5.2 and a 10.5.2 version - not sure if this is part of the problem. We'll give you new offers every Thursday, so you see at a glance what’s on offer and reap your rewards. Get the leaflet first, do your homework, do your shop BEFORE your exchange and you should be fine. Sainsburys /my coupons have bonus points 800 for £40 spend If you have a glut of points, it’s the best way to maximise what you get for them. Nectar used to be better, but compared to the Boots Advantage Card and Costa Card, which with regular shopping/coffee purchase, its easy to accumulate points and easy to work out what you have. So you need 1,000 points, which is a spend of £1,000. Glad you found something useful. @CkllaStef Bonjour @Sosh_fr @orange, laisser des clients 2 mois sans internet, en 2020 et en ce moment, ça ne vous pose pas de souci ? We don’t have Aldi at all in Northern Ireland. The App is made available to you by Nectar Loyalty Ltd ("Nectar". I think this is really stupid and in a way a con its dose say on the voucher you can’t use it on spirits but its so small you need a high powered glasses to read it. I have no other connectivity problems with apps … As a frequent online shopper I’ve accumulated nearly £250 worth of Nectar points which can all be spent in one go. If the service is bad at your Sainsbury’s then you might need to bring someone with you to watch your trolley while you pop out to get some bars on your phone! It offers four points per £, so if you spend £10 you are getting 40p as a reward. I do the majority of my shops at Sainsbury’s as Waitrose is my only alternative (I don’t agree with driving 20min to go to a cheaper shop). If you’d bother to read the info booklet it tells you to pick you products FIRST, then get your vouchers, and like EVERYTHING IN LIFE there’s terms and conditions, such as no change given. In furtherance, I have done my shopping, including petrol, with Morrison’s, whose prices are a lot more competitive than stuffy dishonest Sainsbury. Very disappointing! No wonder they won “Best Supermarket” award from Which Magazine. This double up event is just another annoying way to not get extra points as there is nothing I need from the listed sections. The only real opportunity to get more for your points is the Double Up event. Easy doing normal shopping BUT! Overall though, it’s essentially much more complicated than required and the staff are seldom trained appropriately, making it very difficult for them as well. Now that they want us to get the double up vouchers online or via the app, why won’t they let us spend them online on certain products at sainsburys website online? This is a helpful article andy. I ordered 5 x £10 and 5 x £20 worth and have only received 1 x £10 and 1 x £20 worth in the post today, Ridiculous. Thank you Sainsburys! How to Unmask Vocals with Nectar 3 Plus Oct 01, 2020. But don’t do this straight away. Learn how to mix vocals to backing tracks in no time. £40 to spend on points well now you have £80 or what ever………. Nectar. 5 stars for the points. I generate a reasonable number of Nectar points through eBay purchases which I would have made anyway. In the end I gave up trying, and Nectar sent me an evoucher for 10000 points to redeem. I have £200 pounds worth of normal points as did a holiday and paid on an american express card where I got so many bonus points. Album is fire. Was so utterly confused by the end, that after 2 calls to my local branch by the assistant to verify my card and check my total, I bought my stuff but vowed never to get involved with the promotion again. It sends you bonus points vouchers which can only be spent IN STORE. Seriously considering dumping my Nectar card! Nonetheless, Nectar is still better than nothing. Looking forward to the next one. If you order your vouchers online in the first week of the promotion you are stuck with them, whether you spend them or not. I ended up with a dyson for £30 – well chuffed. Use them up to buy the food then. You can part pay with this method too. I prefer necter I do the double up for Christmas I collect points through the online shopping and my coupons and just by doing a few surveys online I get points to this year I am going to put my points to a new tv I have £62 worth so far by end of the year it will have mounted up nicely. You don’t seem to reply to any of the positive comments about double up. Slowly, but surely I have earned less and less points since they took away extra points for re-using bags. Plus you’ll receive an exclusive £17 cashback bonus at Quidco if join the site and use it for the first time. 500 points are worth £2.50. .. Nectar is great. I tend to get PS4 games for the kids but have also bought new Plates, Knives and clothes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled app to no avail Then when I went back to the confirmation screen, it had disappeared and I had to start going through the loop again. I don’t / won’t shop anywhere with any points system, if I can possibly avoid it. > Read my top ways to earn and spend Nectar points. You can then get £40 of vouchers, per card, all drawing from the same total points stock. Heard the whole album during his listening party. Its so strange I though shopping was shopping but not according to sainsburys. Having problem connecting to even though the website appears to be online and not down? As far as change is concerned it’s only Double Up where change can’t be claimed. You’re omitting the fact that Nectar points can be accumulated at a few High Street stores and a huge number of online retailers, including many major retailers with frequent bonus point offers. I know that you can spend your ordinary Nectar points on groceries etc. By buying through those links I may receive a commission for the sale. So, add your S.O so they have their own card if you haven’t done so already. But it could be worth it if you are VERY careful and travel long distance. That’s the same if you’re spending in Sainsbury’s or buying cinema tickets. And it is possible for some to get some decent deals if you use it right. I accidentally discovered this last double up event, yes it was a bit of a faff making sure each card reached £40 (I was stocking up on school uniform so I could juggle clothes around for the best possible mix) but the checkout assistant was happy to scan them through separately. We've found it really handy on the go — because we collect and spend a lot of points when we're out and about. I’ve used this in the past to get over 25 bottles of Taste the Difference Wine and Fizz during the event week, using Nectar points collected over the year. Having scoured the terms and conditions I was more clued up than some of the staff i spoke with. Refreshing! Waitrose loyalty card was great, a free newspaper and coffee, and everyday regular shopping items cheaper, but they have upped the minimum spend to £10, for the paper, and I would prefer points instead. I had a total nightmare on last double up. I’ve thought for some time now that Nectar is all about the marketing and less about the rewards. But Double Up isn’t my only issue with Nectar when compared to other loyalty schemes. Everyone should buy their toiletries, healthcare and make up at Boots. What a poorly researched and written article. Any idea why when you get points per pound in store it’s points per litre at the petrol station? VER SPRUNG DURCH FUD !!!!! You can use your vouchers in any of these departments: As with the last three years, the main thing on the Nectar Double Up list that gets my interest is Taste The Difference wine. Phone us. I had my Nectar card on or around 2000-01. You can only use vouchers in superstores. We’ve done well this year but it’s never a comfortable experience! But your points do last forever unlike at Tesco. Any idea what the problem is? ¡Y listo! I totally agree with Michelle Callis’s comment on 2/11/20. It could not have come at a worse time. However, I keep it so I can use the shop and scan and it’s a waste to drive 20 minutes to an alternative supermarket. This year it will run in Sainsbury’s stores from Wednesday 11th November until Tuesday 17th November 2020. It appears to be valid for 10 minutes from when it is sent. Get two cards (or more!) They need to call 0800 636 262 to get their points refunded. I bought this and a feeder for my mom as a gift after she mentioned her old one leaking and attracting bees. The reason Sainsbury’s changed Nectar points value was all to do with the carrier bag charge, as Sainsbury’s were one of the few who gave you anything for using your own bags, in the form of Nectar points. Please try to avoid getting your vouchers before you know what you want to buy, and that it’s in stock. The voucher only lasts until the end of the promotion period. What I do like is the bonus Nectar points you often get at Sainsbury’s – last week’s online shop unexpectedly netted me a 5,000 bonus points (£25) voucher clipped to my receipt. Terrible website. Welcome to a new way to get your Nectar on. In the past 24 hours there have been a total of 0 outages reported from 0 countries. Get BP fuel, use Expedia for travel, do the swipe X 8 deals and use the credit cards linked to nectar to bump up the points. We're available 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday. 0344 numbers are charged at local rates. Hey Izzy, yeah I know lots of people do like it – and I picked up some wine in the offer last December which is the first time I’ve used it without there being any issues. There's no extra fees or hidden costs. Tweet us. You can’t use them in Sainsbury’s Local or petrol stations. Finally try accessing the website using an. Nectar Double Up – How to get the most out of Sainsbury’s Nectar scheme in 2020. If you Happen to lose your phone it’s locked anyway plus you can lock Stocard, I agree it’s a scam to get customers through the door as it’s one of the more expensive shops will not be shopping there anymore. * Guide your flying butterfly in the air. You’ve more than likely heard the phrase “Nectar double up” in recent trips to Sainsbury’s or advertised on their banners. Double-up vouchers can then be spent in store between 11 and 17 November. Here’s what you need to know about it, along with some other gripes I have with Nectar. Email Address * Required. The terms and conditions are there for a reason. No one has mentioned the daily mail for points every day. I was very excited about this “double up” deal when I first heard about it. And you can now enjoy a new digital card, right on your phone. Getting a Double Up Nectar voucher is more complicated than it needs to be. Sainsbury’s double the points Great Can only spend in certain Departments Great!! Second: Having acquired Argos, you now cannot get a TV from Sainsburys online. Don’t forget to compare the prices but account for the fact that with Sainsburys it’s half a pence per £, with Tescos it’s one pence per pound and with Boots it’s four pence per £. It’s the people who really focus on Nectar obsessively which get me – when they could be jetting off in First Class and staying in 5* hotels with the same amount of effort. We bought a Nintendo Switch with the first lot of £200 vouchers and various games/clothes/wine with the £175 later in the week. Back in April 2018, Sainsbury's announced it was trialling a complete overhaul of it among 10,000s of customers on the Isle of Wight, and earlier this year it started testing a slightly different version of its new-look scheme in Welsh stores. ALL electronic devices, Be careful having so much on your card. There surely must have been a better way of delivering this? That would be mightily difficult with Clubcard. The t and c’s are simple and clear and you obviously exchanged your points first…..whoops! There’s many apps around you can use, personally I use Stocard, I have scanned All our store cards to the app bingo! Online it’s between Wednesday 28th October and Tuesday 3rd November. Bought shirts PJ,s etc You’ll scan the vouchers from your phone. Then you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to buy the items. But for me they’re a pain to use, while Tesco give you a better return. I add the more expensive items I’d like to buy to my watch list and when these promotions come round I swap some Nectar points for online vouchers and buy the item, making the rest of the spend on Paypal/card if needed. However there were a few changes in 2018 that made it a little easier. Nectar has sent out an urgent message to anybody who uses the scheme ... 7 SEP 2020; News . Yeah, it’s another reason why I’m not a fan. This year you can only exchange vouchers via the app or online. . M and s has a 20% off promotion… just swipe your card and 20% is taken off…so simple. Financial Blog of the Year – 2018 Headlinemoney awards, Financial Blog of the Year – 2017 Headlinemoney awards, Best Money Saving Blog – 2017 SHOMO awards, Best Personal Finance Blog – 2016 SHOMO awards, Highly Commended for Best Personal Finance blog – 2016 Headlinemoney awards, Money Blogger of the Year Runner-up – 2015 Santander Media Awards. More than makes up for the reduction to £0.5p and makes it easier to I have £100 in nectar points but want’s the point!? Tesco and Boots value one point as 1 penny and you get 1 point for ever pound you spend. My older phone would not have handled this at all. I agree to receive email updates and promotions. Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. All the extremely vulnerable people such as my mum with chronic asthma that have been having home deliveries from sainsburys in 2020 should be able to take part in the double up event without having to go in store. All adverts are auto-generated based on your internet use and do not reflect my endorsement. Since I wrote this they’ve had a few really good offers which make them better than they were, but I still think Tesco Clubcard is a far better scheme for shoppers – though it depends what shop you have near you! Used to get points at Argos but that got withdrawn also. Did you know you can get reminders … All of the razzamatazz about “now we have halved the points, you will see special offers”, but what profit is there assiduously collecting Nectar points only to discover that they have halved the double up exchange threshhold and done away with access to high value items by shifting them over to Argos. But my main issue is it doesn’t need to be so complicated. You’ll scan the vouchers from your phone. If you saw my video and blog about how to find good value supermarket wine you’ll know there was a pretty tasty New Zealand Pinot Noir which was part of that range. These usually amount to about 8 per week and last for 7 days. ** The Butterfly - Hunting Flowers ** The flying butterfly goes to a flower, And he enjoys the nectar from flowers. Recently they have offers where if you collect a certain amount of points in a month you get an extra 100 points. I find the offer discriminatory. The way it operates mean it is far easier to accumulate value with Nectar than with Clubcard. In fact I can’t remember a time when there weren’t multiple voucher offers. ALDI and LIDL have more than enough stuff to choose from; you can only eat one meal at a time and in my case that is 2x meals a day max. That’s a great trick if you’re with British Gas. (the very reason they weren’t allowed to merge with Asda) Not worth it babes, losing sleep over bleeding Sainsbury’s; they won’t lose sleep over you..! Quite right. So you’ll need to check they have in stock what you want before exchanging for the voucher. They do regular Nectar promotions, usually around bank holidays and often they run for a week or so, giving you time to really price compare before committing to buy. Sainsbury’s is not my main shop – that’sAldi – but I have collected £25+ in points this year. I’ve no idea why they make it so difficult! Nectar is one of the biggest loyalty schemes in the country, with more than 18.5 million registered users. Well, the dreaded “Home store” problem came up. Had to get it. Why did you not check stock first I ask myself?? Nectar is rubbish in my opinion! They are useful for cheap shopping with good quality but their range is a fraction of what the larger stores offer. My beehives earnt me £500 reward at £5 a jar of honey': Financial Mail on Sunday's reporters reveal their 2020 victories - and the odd defeat This is the same model used by sites like Money Saving Expert and Voucher Cloud. If the items cost less you must buy more items to use it. Who needs all that range of stuff, anyway..? I won’t pay a penny and I had to buy petrol throughout year anyway. Vouchers are posted to your home address. It’s still both of those things, but it has improved a little, so now I guess I should say I actively dislike it. The offers pop up via my mobil app or when I sign in to the website, and you have to save the offer(s) you want before buying the item(s). I’ve only done it twice through the app 1 was double points meaning I would get 240, the second was also double points meaning I would get 120, where the BUT! What a load of hassle! She raves about this food and the new feeder. This way, the two of you popping to Sainsbury’s together each day during the event can pick up £80 of vouchers every single day. Sainsbury HALVED the number of points you get on 11th April this year…..just after they stopped price comparison with Tesco!! Best thing to do is grab item you want, Take it to Customer services, get the double up voucher, go buy the product. It won't recognise my card! Get the best of the blog every week sent to your inbox. Some of the links used on the site are what's known as "affiliate links". Hit the check button to update this page. You are not warned about the convoluted method of using this offer instore. I just checked. Finishes tomorrow (sunday) you only have to spend £10 & you can get a coupon for 5000 points, worth £25! I couldn’t get it to go through, so called Nectar. However, I have another tip – you can exchange nectar points for ebay vouchers (and earn points on ebay too). I had an email today saying it was my 10 year Nectar ‘anniversary’ and over that time I had collected £854 of points, including £105 in bonus points this year alone. I pay with my clubcard credit card and get meals out for my boys worth 4x the points at high street restaurants. What you need to know about the 2020 Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up. I tried to use the points 28 months later, (when I remembered) but Nectar or Sainsbury, (I have no idea, but they can’t both be telling the truth) refused to let me spend the unused points. I have effectively thrown the points away. Le 08 octobre 2020 à 23:55:03 Miaouss_TRYPHON a éc - page 4 - Topic J'arrive plus à boire de whisky bas de gamme du 08-10-2020 23:30:42 sur les forums de DOH! Worst double up year ever. Actually, I now go to the new Aldi in Guildford. You earn one point per full pound spent – that’s roughly 0.5% of your shop, half of what you’ll get at Tesco. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Used to get them on my EDF gas and electricity account but they suddenly withdrew the offer so I changed to co op to get their points instead but they withdrew the offer too. The Nectar app has all your personalised offers in one place. I have used the double up event every time. Also bedding and towels some xmas and wedding presents sorted. Boots card offers four points per £, so if you spend £10 you are getting 40p as a reward. It’s pretty easy to work out what you have. Joji, or as most of his long time fans know him as Papa Franku!!! I am a savvy shopper….I make my list……shop first and then exchange my vouchers for the correct department! Head over to the App Store or Google Play and give it try. They are the only things that have helped me rack up Nectar points which I save for double-up. Unknown to me, this had to be redeemed within one year. Angry is an understatement. Item Package Quantity: 4 Verified Purchase. Loo out also for Boots ten points per £ promotions. Nectar also has extra bonus point offers too, and the best way to make the most of these is to download the Nectar app. Works out as an extra £12! Clubcard points can only be claimed at Tesco and Boots vouchers can only be accumulated and spent at Boots. In the double up Id get £400 worth of goods (however its pointless unless I can see xmas gifts I would buy for people), you cant as its maximum £20 doubling up to £40. Des chercheurs viennent de découvrir que l'emploi d’une substance permettrait de stopper intégralement l'activité cérébrale pendant un temps donné. Also link on EBay but don’t use much. Plus bonus points on dozens of products load onto card items you would buy and points are added when purchased. The real beauty of this is I get 10x points on the whole price, so my spent Nectar points are earning me bonus Nectar points, plus I have used my points to reduce the cost of a big ticket item and make it ‘cheaper’ to treat myself. It’s a no brainer. Please try again later. Sorry to disagree but I love Nectar points – doubled up earlier in the year and got all my son’s school uniform with the voucher. However, I know for some people who regularly shop in Sainsbury’s think it’s great. you know some people are WHAT!! That’s good, especially if you don’t have a Sainsbury’s nearby. First: The boots card does not offer one point per £. 2020-11-12T10:04:13.864000+00:00 ... ma ligne était active et que je pouvais brancher ma box hors cela ne fonctionne pas "incident réseau" même avec l'app ma livebox je n'arrive pas a résoudre le problème ... 2020-11-10T13:44:36.413000+00:00 @2p0d1c7p @Orange_France Ça bug encore la messagerie Orange ? That’s a great trick to spend and earn multiple points on eBay, They seemed to have had some issues in getting the pre-orders of the double up vouchers right. Brilliant!! !I had points put on from ebay the following week they removed them still not been reinstated another rip off connected to nectar. Can you tell me how much I have to spend to get £5worth of points, please.My maths can’t cope!, Yeah, it’s not easy is it!! Good luck. They don’t need to do it. But don’t expect to get any standout savings, and certainly don’t go out of your way to shop for Nectar points. There was a trial in Scotland around redeeming any amount you wanted from your Nectar card, rather than multiples of £2.50 but it proved unpopular so it’s still £2.50. Nectar is definitely one of the worst loyalty schemes (if you know what you’re doing there is far move value in the likes of Clubcard, Avios and airline/hotel schemes). This website was last checked: 8 days ago So you get one point per pound spent at Sainsbury’s (more at a few other places). Hopefully now Sainsbury’s have bought Nectar they’ll make some changes so it’s user friendly. If you do your homework first the double up is fantastic! From the United States Occult Acolyte . I love clubcard too Andy but after reading the article on Sainsburys double up I am wondering if you read the t &cs and understand how the promotion works. That was a poor connection and the person was of Asian origin. I receive money off coupons on a regular basis ie Nectar points can be spent straight from the card at Argos and Sainsburys (and possibly one or two others) with only the necessary amount taken, so change is not an issue. They sell TV accessories, but the don’t sell TVs.

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