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scholarship n part times being main concerns. An Excellent One? If you have specific questions about a particular university, feel free to contact the admissions department via email or phone. But if your programs’ averages are more than 320, you’ll need to aim higher to give yourself a better chance of admission. He got a good score, and he celebrated the moment with his friends and family. And for your profile, you can apply to: SUNY Binghamton, UMass – Lowell, West Virginia, Washington State, Kansas State, and New Mexico State. We’ll be with you, whenever you need. Hello, I am applying for fall 2015 Aerospace. Good luck! Right now I am making a research paper out of it. Don’t worry if the professor isn’t well known. I have a score of 314 – 161in quants and 153 in verbal AWA-3 1. Sachin, 320 GRE Score: Is This Good? Hi sachin could you evaluate my profile and suggest universities In addition to using the tips above, do the following in your prep: Want to improve your GRE score by 7 points? We have the industry's leading GRE prep program. I can’t give you a list right now, however. 2 internships My 10th and 12th percentage of marks are 78.4 and 77.25 respectively. If the GRE was taken earlier, the student must take it again and submit new scores. It’s a dual degree program. I would like to do masters in computer engineering(not computer science) . Anytime. It is extremely difficult otherwise, since GRE is an important factor when it comes to admissions. Thanks! Haha, don’t worry. Pretty solid profile, I must say. Plus, Los Angeles has pretty good aviation research facilities. Please help. 12th ICSE–95.6% Is toefl score is sufficient….?? 1.5Yrz wrk exp in TCS Try our 5-day full access trial for free: How good is a 330 GRE score (coming soon)? Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Format. Note: The following GRE point improvements are overall and not per section. SSC:93% Click the links below to see the universities in each category. Also will be sending score to university of texas at dallas. Good luck! But you should go ahead and apply. Send me the universities with fee,gre,ielts requirements. Caltech, UT Austin and UC Berkeley are fantastic, top 10 colleges in the world, and admissions at these colleges are subject to various parameters, which is why it is really difficult to gauge someone’s chances of admission. , Hi, gre-136v,144q,280-total, It is a well known fact that a low AWA score can negatively impact your chances of admission. Glad to see you here again! . 3.University of California,Irvine Intermediate:95% GRE® and TOEFL® are registered trademarks of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Every year many many students are going for studies abroad and considering GRE is a non -technical exam it does not provide a complete picture of an applicant’s profile, so other than GRE, the individual’s research profile, publications, GPA throughout, recommendation letters and Statement of purpose will weigh heavily over standardized test scores, so whlle targeting a top university one has to be careful about the rest of their profile , a good GRE score is a bonus, it mostly acts as a filter , a good score will not fetch u an instant admit, will filter u in and rest of it will depend on other aspects of your profile, a score of 310+ is a decent enough score, depends on your selection of your universities whether u need to retake GRE or not, but other aspects of your profile will surely dictate terms in terms of most decent to good univs. Please also let me know do i stand a chance in Georgia tech..? 8.North Eastern University,Boston So what percentiles are considered “good”? GRE 310 q-160 v- 150 Toefl 100 UG Cgpa 8.3 10th grade 90.5 % 12th grade 92.5% . Try these universities: Boston University, USC, University of Utah, Michigan State, Iowa State, University of Virginia, University of Pittsburg, Rutgers State, Washington University in St. Louis. Moderate: USC, ASU, Northestern My gre score is 309 7.Rochester Institute of Technology Hi, Please suggest good universities for my profile. Also, could you tell me about University of Massachusetts- Amherst? Also, I took the GRE a 2nd time and completely screwed it by scoring less than 300. But it won’t be as difficult as it sounds. Participated in many leadership roles… CGPA : 7.2/10 can i get them with this profile..? We’ll be happy to guide you. . Source: ETS GRE Interpretive Data Table 1A According to this data, the top 24 percent of test takers scored 160 or higher (most competitive), while the bottom 24 percent scored 146 or lower (least competitive). But all this talk of ambitious, moderate, and safe is nothing but probability. UW is a fairly competitive school for graduate school applicants.. Ambitious: Iowa State, UIC, University of Rochester Project: Related to Machine Learning and NLP under a research professor from MPI(Max Planck Institute), Germany. 12th78.5% 3 internships at RDSO, TATA MOTORS AND Motor general and sales ltd, 4 months full time work ex in engine cooling equipment manufacturing company. Thank you, Sachin. 10th grade 90% Check these universities: 10th – 87 I want to know what “decent” profile generally consists of. The GMAC does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this site. Applicants for the Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) pursuing programs requiring the GRE must submit official GRE scores prior to GTA application consideration. Keep checking this space until then. , And yeah, about your question: The word ‘decent’ is deceptive, I know. , Hello And try applying to these universities: West Virginia University, Clarkson University, Utah State University, University of Central Florida, University of Mississippi. Majors telecommunications, Very good profile overall. Which Should You Take? I am taking TOEFL the coming month. I scored 332 in GRE general test and 108 in TOEFL (IBT), my CGPA is 7.15 out of 10. Safe: CMU, Purdue, UCLA, TAMU. UG – 73.5%. Thanks a ton for the quick reply Sachin! For instance, if I plan to study 80 hours over the course of three months, I’ll need to prep about seven hours per week. Iowa State University, UC Davis, University of Arizona, UC Irvine. It’s really very helpful , but i need to know that if anybody with a decent profile gets a 310+ but below 320, then he/she needs to retake gre ? And about the other question, you will need to write a powerful SOP (check // and explain to the committee why you have changed paths. Moderate: UC Davis, University of Utah, Michigan State, ASU , If you need any other suggestions, here are some affordable universities: TAMU and ASU will be moderate, and SUNY Buffalo and Oklahoma State University will be safe for your profile. And since you are applying for fall next year, I’d suggest you to retake the GRE, get around 310-315, and attend a university you actually deserve, . toefl-91 Really good profile there. my profile But I am working on aircraft structures, while my field of interest/project/masters/subject would be aerodynamics. List of Universities Based on GRE Score > 325 US Universities for GRE Score Range 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332 Each year, ETS calculates individual percentiles for Verbal and Quant (as well as for Analytical Writing, though this score is separate from your total score). Thank you for these wonderful posts and the mails. We give you minute by minute guide. I spoke to a pass out from USC, who told me getting a job in aerospace is really difficult for international students in the current scenario. PS-I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but this is a great site! Percentiles tell you what percentage of test takers scored lower than you on a particular section or the test as a whole. cgpa 7.91 ssc-86 A Bad One? After I published the post, Average GRE scores for universities in the USA, I received comments and emails requesting for information about average GRE score requirements for other universities. It wouldn’t be a big problem. I personally have helped many students with low AWA scores but these students had stellar profiles. Interestingly, Verbal percentiles are consistently higher than Quant percentiles. This is because more test takers score highly on Quant than they do on Verbal, making Quant a more competitive section. got several prizes in national level fests. , hello, i am applying for spring 2015. my profile is GradSchool Admissions. X-94, XII-98, B.TECH-92% Gpa – 7.8 But then, he suddenly realized that the hard part is yet to come. . UIC, Iowa State, Northwestern, University of Arizona, George Mason, Oklahoma State, RIT, Syracuse, UTArlington. So, finish that off, and get back to us, so we can help you out with shortlisting universities. well i would want some clarifications from your side. Lower? Awesome, Shiva! ug 56%(14 backlogs) in computer science. Who knows? internships 2 Another factor to consider is which GRE section is more important to your field or program. Hey, The minimum requirements for graduate admission at the University of Florida include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for all upper division (Junior/Senior) undergraduate work. For some programs, such as MFA programs, GRE scores might be required but aren’t that important. Is It H…, 300 GRE Score: Is This Good? GRE 318 q-165 v- 153 In this chart, Verbal percentiles range from the top 4 percent to the top 31 percent, while Quant percentiles range from the top 11 percent to the top 41 percent. Good luck! I can only give you a list of universities once you have a GRE score. The University of Florida — UF — is a top-ranked public research university located in Gainesville. CGPA 7.35 upto 6th sem My profile You don't NEED a prep program to get a great GRE score. The University of Florida got an invitation from the Association of American Universities (AAU) in 1985. If you’re really interested in UMass, I’d say go ahead and apply, instead of regretting it later. I would like to do my Masters in Electrical Engineering there. 12th grade 83% What universities will I get? My CGPA-7.97, Electrical Engineering, Thapar University. Because master’s students often have less experience in their fields than PhD students do, GRE scores tend to play a bigger role in admission. Depending on how confident you are and how much money you are willing to spend, you can apply to 4-8 universities at a time. I’m not looking for a research oriented University as my primary concern would be getting a job. I’ll be shortly writing my exam. :/ Any way, apply to UCLA. (GPA is slightly lower than they would require) USC is moderate. All top EE programs require a very high 165+ GRE quant scores and the score varies very little for rest of the universities. What Schools Can You …. Planning for fall 2015. We are coming up with an entire list just for you. If you are really worried about jobs, start networking with people from your company, and see if anyone has already walked the same path. I m graduated from NIT ald. CGPA 8.55 VIT University Check out the average score of applicants admitted to the program of your choice to understand the score that will make your application competitive. Get FREE EXCLUSIVE insider guides to ACE THE GRE that we share with our private subscribers. Just needed to know about a few thing before sorting out the universities. . GaTech is a bit ambitious for your profile. Broadly, anything above the 50th percentile (median) can be considered a good score, and anything above the 75th percentile a great score. It will be here, soon. The fact of the matter is, most grad programs don’t look at total GRE scores but rather your individual scores for Verbal and Quant. We’ll cover this idea in more detail later. Good luck! If the professor has done a good amount of work in related fields, then his recommendation should be strong, regardless of the fact that people might not know him in universities been applied. At present i am doing btech in mechanical engineering but i want to do my masters in aerospace. Generally speaking, a score over 160 is considered ideal for most GRE applicants. So if you wanted to make a 10-point improvement by studying 80 hours, you could end up gaining 5 points on Verbal and 5 on Quant, or 7 on Verbal and 3 on Quant (and so on). I have my GRE in August. Good luck! Download it for free now: Hannah graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in English and East Asian languages and cultures. , I am planning for spring 2015. 12th 88.2% The ETS provides test statistics (test percentage distribution of scores) for different fields for the entire range of scores candidates obtain over a three year period in each of the GRE sections. Good luck. 308 (v 149 Q 159) . I was hoping for a more comprehensive list of safe and ambitious univs. Toefl 100 For Quant? Learn what scores you need for your programs and get step-by-step instructions on how to set your own GRE goal scores today. Gre 313(165q,148v,3 awa) Ambitious: GaTech, Penn State, NCSU Working in one of the top MNC R&D centre for the last one year. But it always helps if you score as high as you can. evaluate my profile Anything less than outstanding will be rejected by these high profile institutes. Any further takes on USC ? If ambitious for me? But we believe PrepScholar is the best GRE prep program available right now, especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don't know what to study. All 6 Free Official GRE Practice Tests + How to Use Them, GRE Score Percentiles: What They Mean for You. Finally, divide up the number of hours you must study by the number of weeks you have before your test date to get an estimated weekly number of study hours. Hence their idea of a good GRE score will be much higher. It’s difficult to give out a list without a GRE score. 9.Rutgers Plus, since I will be switching my branch from Electrical to Computer Science, how big a drawback would it be for me? or Google them. 8 projects Source: ETS GRE Interpretive Data Table 1A. Thus, you’d probably have a better shot at admission if you were to get 168 on Quant and 150 on Verbal (adding up to 318) instead of 160 on both sections. 4.NYU Poly Branch : IT Hey Guys! , hi!!!! (Updated) GRE Score Percentiles: What They Mean for You, The 357 Best GRE Vocabulary Words: Complete List, 9 Steps to Write a Great Statement of Purpose for Grad School, How to Write a Resume for Graduate School: 5 Expert Tips, Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement: The 2 Big Differences, The 14 Top GRE Reading Comprehension Tips, GRE Score Breakdown: Understanding Your Scores, What GRE Scores Do You Need for Yale? Both these universities are very affordable. Several projects done n currently going on. TOEFL: Yet to Take and im not very good in coding so can i switch to any other related fields for my masters.. please suggest me some universities for my profile, Your BE aggregate might be of some hindrance to your admission into good universities, unless you can explain why. Acads:76.25% until 3-2 GPA:8.3/10 until 3-2 , Hey awesome list! Thanks in advance, Have a look at these universities: Join over 172,586 students who are studying the smart way! In addition, master’s programs tend to place slightly more emphasis on GRE scores than doctoral programs do. Moderate: NYU, UC Riverside, Syracuse, UTD 6.SUNY Buffalo Great Post! So, you don’t have to think twice before applying to a university, if you try and stay in the respective score brackets. following is the complete profile. Combine this story and a good GRE score (315+), and your low GPA will be offset. According to my experience and perception, I would recommend the following slabs as ranges for a good GRE score. inter – 86 Skip to the second half, and try and implement those steps in the next one year. If you could help me get a headstart in University Shortlisting. Can you please suggest me good universities for my profile for these specializations. I have a intern in IITD (which resulted in a journal publication) and also this summer i interned at UIUC where i worked on 2 projects which might lead to more publications but not in time for them to put in the applications i suppose. From what I know, its bloody costly and there is no funding, so do u think it would be worth it if i get an admit there ? UMass is definitely Top 20 when it comes to Computer Science, so yeah, it will be ambitious for you, even if you score 330. Some programs will even outright say that they don’t place a lot of emphasis on GRE scores. IELTS-7 We see several hundreds of students struggling to find a list of US Universities based on GRE scores, so that they would get the maximum admissions. Projects -5 What is the GRE Score required for US University Admissions? Cost is a concern.Please suggest universities with reputed courses and good job opportunities FOR SPRING 2015. But since you asked, these are some of the universities you can apply to, based on your current profile. Need ur help But your TOEFL isn’t as impressive. Confused by how to improve your score? And would be aiming for 330+. Ambitious: UC San Diego, UFL, NCSU, USC Also, suggest me some good universities suited to my profile. You can also try and apply to these universities: Moderate: Princeton, Cornell, Yale, UMCP, University of Washington We’ll be posting the rest sooner than you think. 5.Syracuse It is good enough to get you into a good university. 2 week summer training at godrej aerospace That Max Plank Institute project definitely boosts your profile by a lot. Glad you found it helpful, Mahi! toefl-98 good sops nd lors…. Good luck! Thanks in Advance. Your journey will be much easier. decent extra xurrixulars. Max Plank Institute is quite famous in the US too, and they can understand how good your project is. Now, what are the current GRE percentiles exactly? Once you have your study plan, make sure you’re doing everything you can to hit your target score of 320. Therefore, how good a GRE 320 is depends on two key factors: Let’s start with percentiles. I started liking this site. One Internship,First prize in paper presentation Thus, to get the same percentile on both Verbal and Quant, you’d need to earn more points on Quant than you would on Verbal. I have heard that getting a funded ms in us private or public universities is really tough now-a days . ece 82%(3-2) toppers 89% Am applying for Spring 2015. Is a GRE 320 score good? Next, figure out how many hours you need to study in order to hit your goal score by test day. Safe: George Washington, University of Arizona, IIT Chicago. , Yes, USC is expensive, and living in LA will not be cheap either, but since you have relatives there, maybe you can work it out. Also, we would love to hear your thoughts on this list. It’s great that you got the LORs covered. What’s a good GRE score overall? Good LORs I recommend you to retake the exam. If you have taken or are planning to take the GRE, you’ll need to know what GRE score will give you your best chance of admission to grad school. Safe: UC Davis, USC, Iowa State. Good luck! Even if it’s a 3.0, it’s better than what you have. My profile is as follows , You forgot to mention which branch you are looking for. I like to do masters in Power and Energy Systems from a highly reputed university of the world, that’s why I choose US. inter-88 GRE:311(Q:160, V:151, AWA:3) I am looking for admission in MS in Computer Science fall 2015. So, the admissions committees accepted them regardless of their low AWA scores. toefl – 86 The higher your GRE percentile is, the more competitive your score is. Class XII- 95.4 % (CBSE) , 97 in C++ Now i think I have a descent list of univs to work with. See MS colleges and universities for GRE score 301 to 310 with their fees, specializations, eligibility, scholarship, and more details. Depending on how confident you are and how much money you are willing to spend, you can apply to 4-8 universities at a time.

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