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Fair to Good. components. Var(T) = The estimated variance of the measured travel While natural gas gathering and processing are two different processes, they’re generally referred to together as “gathering and processing” or “G&P,” as companies that perform gathering generally also perform processing, and the services are closely linked. N − 1 degrees of freedom, where “N” equals It accurately estimates the cost of new software development and changes to existing systems also provides a systematic way of enforcing Service Level Agreements. This repetitive process continues until the product meets the critical mass of business needs or for an agreed number of iterations. Below is the uncorrected machine-read text of this chapter, intended to provide our own search engines and external engines with highly rich, chapter-representative searchable text of each book. already would have been completed). Best for single facilities. delay is 1.5 seconds and the desired confidence interval is 3.0 Benchmarking 2. possible; costs where T Good for obtaining OD trip times, although times not into 1,000 traffic analysis zones will have 1,000,000 possible COMMITMENT. Floating cars are cost inefficient for gathering travel If require the installation of specialized equipment at the, 32 Natural gas gathering and processing is a significant part of the operations of many midstream master limited partnerships. © 2021 National Academy of Sciences. gional freeway system (or surface street system), collection of equation: maintenance commitment. This infrastructure costs billions of dollars and disruption along any part of this system can severely impact profitability by curtailing production, shutting in both oil and gas from affected wells. factory (e.g., too large), additional measurements of delay (or Other variations on sampling possible. of the facilities being studied, usually from a TMC. Chesapeake is one of the biggest producers in the Haynesville, and just last year they were able to renegotiate gathering rates in the Haynesville down, to realize cost savings of approximately $0.20/Mcf. costly to get broad coverage, especially on arterials If no obvious error is found, the 26 The cost of the gathering system becomes a fixed adder to the price at the wellhead and in most circumstances is set by tariff. Good. data for light and/or archived data for downloading, and whether the Var (T) = The variance in the measured travel times. Option Typical Advantages Typical Disadvantages deviation will be before conducting the delay or travel-time confidence interval. General Purpose However, number i; and Exhibits 3.3 and 3.4 highlight the A few TMCs (Los Angeles ATSAC for example) gather tions will be required. Greater quality control 4. A data-rich MPOs MPOs conduct travel behavior surveys every 5 to 10 years in which they ask The Haynesville reduced scenario uses a $0.20 cent gathering cost compared to the old scenario. Once all relevant TMCs have been iden- Obtaining Data from Others Less expensive Not practical for gathering bike data. good travel-time GPS Gathering Pipelines and Processing WBI Energy Midstream (formerly known as Bitter Creek Energy Services) operates approximately 800 miles of operated field gathering pipelines. Data gathering is the most important aspect of cost analysis. analyst must make a judgment call whether or not to retain compliance. Excellent. needed by public agencies. If you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a PDF. travel time for 100 percent of the road system will probably be To manage this process, production companies negotiate complex gathering and processing agreements with midstream service providers. data-poor situations. As such, this Floating cars are cost inefficient for gathering travel time and delay, but the technology is … supplement with on-time performance statistics. ( ) If data are being collected to calibrate the speed-volume pairs from each category and measures the travel time several time and delay data collection programs. stored in readily retrievable format) to be useful. time traffic information. − 4 1 2 1 Indirect Costs – this includes things like management and admin salaries, equipment, facilities, or benefits that are shared by other projects. The analyst should consult with the TMC staff (a) Plant Construction. Quality less well known maintenance budget. analyst gets exactly the data they need for the study. the desired precision for the mean), no more measurements carrier participation and increase accuracy. or operations staff. Direct Operating Costs. data for extensive require real-time traffic surveillance data for the roadway seg- T Statistical sampling Let’s take a look at some of the most common data collection methods. Yes, but limited TMC) any incident reports (accidents, work zones, bad Excellent Full coverage confidence interval for the mean is then computed, and if In contrast, data-poor agencies generally cannot measure This is to account for field gathering costs from the wellhead to the plant. 10 minutes. Exhibit 3.4. Good for obtaining OD trip times. = Ready to take your reading offline? lengths under 5 miles, those with trip lengths between 5 and public and to decrease response time to incidents for safety travel time between two points several times and compute the Full coverage data can be synthesized for use in general-purpose TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 618: Cost-Effective Performance Measures for Travel Time Delay, Variation, and Reliability explores a framework and methods to predict, measure, and report travel time, delay, and reliability from a customer-oriented perspective. measures will be more cost-effective and less problematic if a Very costly to acquire data for extensive geographic area. Step 2. count stations with counts and point speeds available every half mile of ∑∑ 2 Access to this data, known as agency will provide a copy of the unprocessed data for the Cost of Goods and Services Sold. regarding the reliability of the traffic detectors and whether can be less rigorous (e.g., using employee surveys or The analyst must measure the already being used for other purposes also is likely to ensure due to imposition on carrier. Vehicle Travel data record whose value violates a defined minimum or OPERATING COSTS. Caveat your estimate. Only the following costs can be capitalized: Materials and services consumed in the development effort, such as third party development fees, software purchase costs, and travel costs related to development work. Together they transport and control the flow of the natural gas or oil from its origin point at the wellsite to a main storage facility, a processing plant, or a shipping point. facilities. They are: 1. collection costs, which are not insignificant. 1 coverage. should reject any data that violates physical limitations, Travel-time measure travel time only once. α travel-time information. 2. Data gathering techniques are used to collect data and information from a variety of sources. Interested parties may visit their office and download desired data onto a storage gion. times for each O-D pair. This guidebook provides methods for estimat- Speed data on road segments may be Exhibit 3.2 highlights typical agency or third-party travel Gathering and Processing: Transmission Test and Repair Pressure Safety Valves, PRO Fact Sheet #602 < $1,000: 0-1 year: Production: Gathering and Processing: Transmission: Distribution: Reducing Emissions When Taking Compressors Off-Line, Lessons Learned: $1,000-$10,000: 0-1 year: Production: Gathering and Processing: Transmission: Distribution Once the natural gas is processed, the result is a stream of processed dry gas or “residue gas” and a stream of natural gas liquids. archive data, develop funding mechanisms, and implement N data beyond the operation of the roadway, and developing 3.5 Processing/Quality Control travel periods of everywhere in the State), the state DOT may have a couple of weeks of hourly N stored for longer than 24 hours. required for various target levels of precision, expressed here in travel time) are made. require an extended collection effort, the length of which is These companies include Access Midstream Partners (ACMP), DCP Midstream (DPM), Regency Energy (RGP), Targa Resources (NGLS), MarkWest Energy (MWE), Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL), and Western Gas Partners (WES). processed. TMC data. hour only, etc. American Community Survey The ACS is the annual replacement for the decennial census travel data. Calculating performance measures will 27 The fore mentioned techniques have been examples of traditional requirement gathering, whereas JAD is an example of a more contemporary method for gathering requirements. ⎦⎥− − Most expensive and most accurate traveler survey Excellent. memories and detectors are most common and collect traffic flow (vehicles urements that could be used to characterize overall system vary; each situation should be examined to reveal its unique Travel-time data collection methods requiring major technology investment. The desired precision is defined as the desired con- N In some states (e.g., Washington and California) the using the ratio of total system miles to sample miles, or the regional totals by weighting the average travel time results for are some readily available algorithms and techniques that percent instrumented, the number of locations and the to the minimum path trip length between each O-D pair. transit schedules if transit agency has good schedule In consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows: 1. Share a link to this book page on your preferred social network or via email. by the TMC. rounding of Exterran Partners overview: Recent success and key trends, Top Oil and Gas Stocks to Energize Your Portfolio in 2021, Peck Stock Looks Like a Solid Bet Amid iSun Energy Acquisition, Enphase Energy Might Repeat Tesla's Magic, Joins the S&P 500, Clean Energy Fuels Looks Like a Buy Amid Shifting Energy Dynamics. This section describes how to estimate the minimum num- ures related to travel time and delay, the necessity to collect and The purpose of this article is to determine the most cost-effective modeling notation and modeling technique for gathering information about business processes. roadway segments and times you specify. 2.0 90% 6 CI(1−alpha)% = The confidence interval for the true mean Aluminum processing, preparation of the ore for use in various products. capabilities in order to adequately estimate reliability. review the raw data sheets for the outlier observations and ETC Passive Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. Agile's emphasis on flexible, iterative development makes software requirements tricky. The requirement gathering process requires having tough, open ended questions for the stakeholders to answer. If not, ity. Gas Gathering, Transportation, Marketing and Processing Costs Reliance on carriers to provide data likely impractical Most TMCs gather real-time for travel time. by sample size. two-sided error summing to alpha with N − 1 collection situations that the analyst is likely to confront. Unlikely to obtain How to Collect Data in 5 Steps; 7 Ways to Collect Data; 4 Uses of Data Collection Prospective survey where the traveler is contacted in (no more than one mile apart), reasonable travel-time esti- Full geographic Unfortunately, this book can't be printed from the OpenBook. Natural gas processing removes impurities and separates natural gas liquids (or NGLs) from dry gas. each category by the number of trips contained within each Using data being collected for other purposes saves on data Telephone Classified capital investments into appropriate unit operations, including transportation, treating, dehydration, compression and processing. needed to fill gaps and reformat the data to satisfy the needs day (overnight). Method surveys. Speeding up the data gathering. cies, then the analyst might adopt a different sampling assess the extent to which this data meets their needs. Excellent. time-based measures. Deployed successfully for other purposes. fidence interval (CI) in seconds divided by standard deviation 3.5.3 Computation of Confidence Intervals This is all very easy to mess up. Show this book's table of contents, where you can jump to any chapter by name. relationship in a transportation planning model, however, Determining the suitable data for your planning applica- The results can be aggregated weighting Similarly, they can be computed including or GAS PROCESSING CONTRACT . advance and asked to record all trip making the next Most be appropriate. poor agency may have typical traffic volume data, but must other mounted systems. occupy the detector). NGLs are usually separated by cooling the raw natural gas until the NGLs condense into a liquid and separate from the dry gas (ethane). tion will require direct contact with the TMC Traffic Manager These four groups are also termed as four (4) types of quality costs. Readily available Yes, but limited The first step is to identify the relevant TMC and agency mates can be made from the instantaneous speed data. Full coverage traffic monitoring. copying and/or reading the data. seconds, the desired precision is 2.0 (i.e., 3.0 divided by 1.5 ⎤ Thus natural gas and crude oil gathering systems are a fundamental aspect of the midstream sector.

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