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The 36-year-old was also a handy contributor in the 60 IPL games he played for various franchises. | Fox Sports Videos Cricket: Playing in his first test since 2009, Pakistan batsman Fawad Alam showed off a batting stance that would even make West Indian legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul raise his eyebrows. No documentaries. A comfortable stance can often seem unusual to the naked eye. Although he represented Pakistan in 3 Tests and 38 ODIs, Alam could never cement his place in the team's batting line-up. The low backlift and centre of gravity gave Nayar control over his shot-making. - Quora. In an interview with ESPN UK, Rory Burns explained the reason for his funny stance. It's time to admire the man who had one of strangest batting stances in baseball history. The lad had a very unorthodox technique and an awkward-looking stance. Caution: the following gallery presents major league baseball's most unconventional batting stances and pre-at-bat mannerisms that are not recommended for replication by … It may have looked unusual at the plate, but Millan’s approach helped him put the ball in play at a historic rate. Chanderpaul had an awkward-looking forward-arm position. The stance didn’t allow him … Jeff Bagwell was a fabulous hitter during his 15-year career with the Houston Astros, swatting 449 home runs, 1,529 runs batted in and a lifetime.297 batting average. Curtly Ambrose was one of the most dominant pacers of the ’90s which often makes the cricket fraternity forget his weird batting stance. Fawad Alam. Yet time and time again, we have seen batsman change their batting stance before a particular series or in preparation to face a certain kind of bowler. A look at 5 international cricketers with unorthodox batting stances. The left-handed Alam stands with his right foot facing 45-degrees diagonally to the bowler. However, as fabulously explained by Tendulkar, Smith changed and sorted his stance mid-way between the 2019 Ashes series. Sometimes, it leads to unorthodox batting positions being adopted, which allows batsman immense freedom to execute strokes and play bowlers on the's former's terms. Despite scoring heavily in domestic cricket, Alam was ignored by the selection committee on several occasions. Though the Mets made it to the World Series in 1973, their lineup throughout the mid ’70s was never the most powerful force in the National League. Fawad Alam of Pakistan is one of the unfortunate players not to have played much cricket at the highest level. Aspiring cricketers are often advised to have a firm grip over their batting stance, which in turn can help them become better batsman in the future. He stood 90-degrees to the orthodox stance and shuffled to a normal one just before the bowler delivered the ball. There goes a funny saying that before every ball, England's Rory Burns hears something nasty coming in from the mid-on region, and hence his weird batting stance. For some reason, Julio Franco really liked to point the top of … Phil Plantier Weirdest batting stance ever? Earlier, Smith carried an open chested batting stance with a shuffle across the off-stump line, which exposed his leg stump and made him play short deliveries with his weight going backward. With most of his body weight falling on the bottom leg, Nayar made full use of the other leg to play shots on either side of the wicket. There have been two batting stances to Steve Smith- one before the 2019 Ashes series, and one after. It doesn't happen often but there are times the traditional bent-knee, side-on set up gives under the weight of … Veteran Stances 1-Dustin Ackley 2-Lane Adams 3-Arismendy Alcantara 2721 x 1836 jpeg 205kB. It made him an easy target to be caught in the slips. Lance Klusener: The original finisher of limited-overs cricket, Lance Zulu Klusener too had … Two of them are still active on the international scene. Any help getting the list complete is appreciated. Lance Klusener. Former Australian captain, Smith's batting style is anything but orthodox. Shivnarine Chanderpaul ‘s comportment while batting was way different from the ordinary course of nature. Which Met has the weirdest batting stance of your lifetime? (Jonathan) Trott didn’t mark his guard when the opposition were batting. A solid batting stance can take a batsman a long way in developing his technique. One reason that was cited by many experts for his failure to excel on the international stage was his unusual batting stance. 15. The New York Mets have been blessed with many hitters who were memorable largely for their batting stance. Millan could have enjoyed an even longer playing career if not for a nasty collision-turned-fight with Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ed Ott. 1. This batting stance, on most occasions, results in Alam playing with cross legs, making him susceptible to LBW's. Millan put together a productive big league career on both sides of the ball. Millan felt that Ott had slid a bit too hard and punched him in the face. (Photo Source: Twitter) Kevin Pietersen has had a batting stance which was one of the weirdest in the world. Shivnarine Chanderpaul (West Indies) The owner of possibly the weirdest batting stance in … Burns' stance enables him to keep his head extremely still and in line with the stumps while holding his bat hanging in the air for a longer duration than most batsman would prefer. In seven of his 12 seasons, including all five of his years with the Mets, he walked more times than he struck out. Despite his unusual stance, Chanderpaul scored runs aplenty and never felt the necessity to alter his batting stance till his retirement in 2015. The legendary speedster played with an open chested stance and with his bat mid-air. Although he is … Early on in his career, he was famed for having a different kind of batting stance. Although Nayar did not take a wicket or score a run in the 3 ODIs he played, the left-hand batsman made useful contributions for Mumbai in domestic cricket. Millan played for the Mets from 1973-77. "Complicated technique but an organised mindset" is how Steven Smith's batting technique is described by Sachin Tendulkar. His claim to fame, batting stance-wise, was that he choked up on the bat to an almost cartoonish degree. Now let us see some of the weirdest batting stances in Cricket. For example, you could often spot ex-UCLA players for years just from the stance taught by longtime coach Gary Adams (slight bend at the knee, upright upper body, "quiet" relaxed hands held at chest level). As already discussed before, no matter how peculiar and complicated the batting stance is, the only thing that matters for a batsman is how comfortable he is while facing a bowler. It must help them hit in some way, or else they wouldn’t do it. Craig Counsell 602 x 391 jpeg 74kB. 2. 1 decade ago. However, as his career moved forward, everyone started realising the technique behind his peculiar stance. Here in this article, we look at five international players with the most unusual batting stances in recorded cricket history. A former Tiger is in the running for the #1 spot. The owner of possibly the weirdest batting stance in the world is Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Kevin Pietersen Kevin Pietersen. He played for the Mets from 1973 through 1977, having spent the first seven years of his career with the Atlanta Braves. His batting position is such that he shows all three stumps to the bowler before the ball gets delivered. who has the weirdest batting stance in the history of baseball? The weirdest Yankees batting stances (VIDEO) There's nothing easy about hitting a baseball. Powered by Minute Media © 2021 All Rights Reserved. On August 12, 1977, Ott slid hard into Millan at second base while attempting to break up a double play, knocking him over. Instead, he continued with his open chested stance and transferred his weight to the front foot. Probably the weirdest batting stance in cricket of all time. Relevance. Mets pitcher Sam McWilliams is a huge wild card for the team in 2021, Mets most impactful winter addition is already with the team, Mets Top 5 Strangest Stories from Flushing, collision-turned-fight with Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ed Ott, Mets: Four center field options if George Springer signs elsewhere, Sal Paolantonio Wants Roger Goodell to Investigate the Philadelphia Eagles, Mets News: First base coach Tony Tarasco brings extensive experience, Mets Monday Morning GM: A Yu Darvish trade would have been a mistake, Mets are early MLB Trade Rumors poll-favorites to sign Tomoyuki Sugano. Well, today, on his 43rd birthday, it's time. Unorthodox and otherwise "weird" batting stances pop up every now and then in baseball, as hitters try interesting things at the plate to try and get ahead of the pitcher in any way possible. 10 Batsmen With The Funniest Batting Stance Ever In International Cricket. The legendary bowler played with an open chested stance and with his bat mid-air. 11 batsmen with unusual batting stances - Cricket Country. See how is his batting stance. Not even a tell-all spoken word album narrated by Tony himself. Julio Franco This helped him to avoid getting beaten or nicking short-pitched balls to the slip cordon. Through those lean years, second baseman Felix Millan was a consistent threat at the plate and imprinted himself on many Mets fans with his unforgettable stance. Tony Bautista's stance was the most awkward and unusual stance I have ever seen. NEW YORK - CIRCA 1973: Felix Millan #16 of the New York Mets bats against the Cincinnati Reds during an Major League Baseball game circa 1973 at Shea Stadium in the Queens borough of New York City. MLB player with the weirdest batting stance . He accredited it to left-eye dominance. Curtly Ambrose was one of the most feared pacers of the ’90s which often makes fan forget his terrible batting stance. Reds phenom Aristides Aquino is putting himself on the map right now for Cincinnati by hitting homers on nearly every pitch he sees -- and he stands like this prior to the pitch coming … Among the vast array of Mets hitters through the years, here are a few who had particularly notable batting stances, in no particular ranking order. Without further ado, the very official, thoroughly researched ranking of the 15 most imitated baseball batting stances in backyards across America since 1975. This man absolutely smashed batting conventions and rules with his off-the-wall stance in the batter's box. Lets Start!!! The college game is more prone to enforce rigid hitting systems among players and to eliminate quirky or "individualistic" stances. Dude’s a... 2. While facing particular bowlers or batting in different conditions, Nayar kept shuffling his batting stance, never settling on one consistently. Every one has different way of standing to hit the ball in the best way. Baseball players are notorious creatures of habit, though, so whatever batting habits they develop early on in their careers have a good chance of sticking around, no matter how goofy they look. This, in turn, gave him the freedom and the necessary power to play the ball anywhere he wanted to. The left-hander is one of two West Indies players, and 12 players overall, to score over 20000 runs in international cricket (11867 in Tests, 8778 in ODIs). So I will list down some of them. I think the saddest thing about Craig’s giraffe-like stance is that it wasn’t even effective. Answer Save. > This picture is from Lagaan (2001). He went from picture one to picture two while the pitch was delivered. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images), NEW YORK – CIRCA 1973: Felix Millan #17 of the New York Mets bats against the St. Louis Cardinals during an Major League Baseball game circa 1973 at Shea Stadium in the Queens borough of New York City. However, the stance of a batsman keeps evolving as his career goes forward. His memorable stance led to over 1600 career hits, three All-Star appearances, and a top-twenty finish in the 1973 NL MVP voting. After getting in trouble against the likes of Jofra Archer and his beaming short balls, Smith kept his guard and didn't shuffle across. In order to properly imitate the "Carney Lansford," just stroll in front of a … This helps the left-hander get an extra second to counter any short-pitched stuff directed at him. I often wonder how players such as Craig Counsell or any other baseball players with memorable batting stances develop such a stance. Clayton. I'm back at it again with my yearly list of players who've had their batting stances or pitching motions mo-capped by the developers over the duration of the MLB The Show franchise who aren't listed by name. The stance didn’t allow him to play either the short balls or full-length deliveries. Note: This list is in no particular order. Unconventional, unique, and sometimes plain weird, these New York Mets are remembered for their one-of-a-kind batting stances. Millan, nicknamed “The Cat,” hit for a .278 average across his five years in Queens, averaging nearly 150 hits and over 20 doubles per season. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Who are all the batsmen with weird batting stance? With his head still as a rock, Chanderpaul could deliver strong blows on both sides of the wicket. 5 Weirdest Batting Stances in MLB History 1. Former Mumbai and India all-rounder, Abhishek Nayar, also possessed a unique batting stance. 22 Answers. Turtleneck Geronte Posts: 31352 Join date: 2014-04-22 Location: Currently on the couch. Carney Lansford. Like You Suck! Enjoy! This is my take on @SteveSmith49’s recent success in the Ashes. Millan played for the Mets from 1973-77. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images). Martin Crowe: Footwork is the most important component of batting | Cricket | In cricket, the first and foremost batting rule that comes at the top of the coaching manual is the batting stance. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) Re: MLB player with the weirdest batting stance . Your privacy is safe with us. Millan’s ability to make contact made him the toughest hitter in the National League to strike out in four separate years, including 1973-1975 in Flushing. Batista, a… George Bailey's side-on stance has been a talking point for a while now, and it resurfaced yesterday when Faf du Plessis was seen laughing in the … Despite this unceremonious end, Millan is fondly remembered by Mets fans for always putting the bat on the ball, all thanks to his extremely choked-up batting stance. A natural left-hander, Burns wants to see the ball most with his left eye. There are a few batsmen whose batting stance are different and unique from other batsmen. Throughout his career, Nayar batted with a low stance, with the bat kept firmly between his legs. Speaking of short-tenured Yankees with weird batting stances, here is one of the best hitters in baseball history who had a minimal impact on the Yankees, but a major impact on the game of baseball. Some MLB hitters adopt an extremely crouched approach to hitting, while others hold the bat so high above their heads that they might as well buy an extra ticket for it to sit in the upper decks. Ott, in retaliation, picked up Millan and slammed him to the ground, breaking Millan’s collarbone and ultimately ending his major league career. Hey, all. Y ou know how batting stances tend to be the last thing you notice, until there's something weird about them, kinda like toilet paper? Favorite Answer. But somehow, these guys did it really well while also looking like … Even weirder than Chanderpaul — The Simp Sons (@micky864) August 13, 2020 And bowlers are kicked out attack if they encroach regularly on batsman’s area. As the bowler is about to release the ball, Alam takes a big leap, and settles to a more conventional stance. He was also a very dependable fielder, earning two Gold Glove awards at second base in 1969 and 1972. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on New York Mets and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. by Turtleneck on 2020-05-22, 18:06. In 12 full major league seasons, the most he ever struck out in a season was 35 times, which came in 1969 when he played a full 162 games with the Braves. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Batting crease is batsman’s domain. Weirdest batting stances. Some have stances which look very weird to us but it is their way of approaching the game. Ten years and, inexplicably, zero retrospective essays on his wonderfully weird batting stance. Millan could often be found choking up close to a foot from the bat knob, giving the appearance of a modified bunt approach while clearly aiming for a hit. One of the best all-rounders of all time in the history of the gentleman’s … So what different and unique. Add pictures or videos to prove it.

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