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Està cassada amb el Cap Miles O'Brien i té dos fills: Molly i Kirayoshi. Get the violins ready because we're about to dive into Chief O'Brien's tragic Star Trek timeline. For the primary universe counterpart, see Keiko O'Brien. Molly O'Brien, played by Hana Hatae, is the daughter of Miles and Keiko O'Brien, and the older sister of Kirayoshi. The episode "Disaster", in which the USS Enterprise is hit by a quantum filament, Worf and Keiko are … Topic. They married on the Enterprise, where they both served. See more ideas about deep space 9, deep space, rosalind chao. Keiko had strong bonds with her family, especially her grandmother who she would often times help as a child. Origin. Keiko is a civilian botanist and head of the biology lab on the USS Enterprise.Her family comes from Japan on Earth, and she follows some Japanese traditions. Keiko O'Brien/Miles O'Brien (75) Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien (34) Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys (28) Kira Nerys/Odo (26) Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien/Miles O'Brien (25) Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien (19) Jadzia Dax/Worf (18) Julian Bashir & Miles O'Brien (17) Benjamin … Storylines Tags. Rosalind Chao, who played Keiko O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, was born today in 1957. Keiko O'Brien is similar to these characters: Ro Laren, List of Star Trek: The Next Generation characters, Nog (Star Trek) and more. Share. Ask a random sample of about 100 viewers (which I did), and you’ll probably find that, of those who are avid TNG and DS9 fans, about two-thirds (64% in my survey) will say they love Miles O’Brien, the … She originally appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation . ", but just saw Rosalind Chao who played Keiko O'Brien on ST:TNG and ST:DS9. Keiko O'brien is lid van Facebook. Keiko O'Brien was a female Human born in the year 23291, a civilian botanist and the wife of Starfleet engineer Miles O'Brien. For other uses, see O'Brien. Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien (8) Julian Bashir/Keiko O'Brien/Miles O'Brien (7) Exclude Additional Tags Polyamory (14) Fluff (12) Family (11) Angst (10) Humor (8) Hurt/Comfort (8) Romance (7) Friendship (7) Post-Canon (7) First Kiss (6) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Aug 8, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Vicki Wainner. This page details Keiko O'Brien in the primary universe; for the Keiko O'Brien in the mirror universe see Keiko Ishikawa (mirror). Word lid van Facebook om met Keiko O'brien en anderen in contact te komen. Template:Sidebar individual Professor Keiko O'Brien (née Ishikawa) was a 24th century civilian botanist aboard the USS Enterprise-D and on Bajor, as well as the primary school teacher aboard the starbase Deep Space 9. Character Insight No. Share this: Julian Bashir, Keiko O'Brien, Miles O'Brien, Star Trek. She was trained by an elderly Vulcan woman named T'Lara. Watch Star Trek Star Trek Tv Star Wars Star Trek Voyager Rosalind Chao Uss Enterprise D Scotty Star Trek Star Trek Crew Deep Space 9. Characters similar to or like Keiko O'Brien. Keiko O'Brien és un personatge fictici de Star Trek: La nova generació i de Star Trek: Deep Space Nine en l'univers de Star Trek interpretat per l'actriu Rosalind Chao. You can help the TV Database Wiki by expanding it. (next gen)? People/Characters: Keiko O'Brien. In the mirror universe, Colonel Keiko Ishikawa was a Terran woman, an operative of Memory Omega who became a slave and eventually an overseer on the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance mining colony Korvat. what was the name of the actress that played keiko O'Brien on T.N.G. In the Star Trek universe Keiko is introduced on her wedding day, about to be married to the character Miles O'Brien. Common Knowledge People/Characters Keiko O'Brien. 127: Keiko O'Brien This is the latest installment in a series of "Character Insight" articles regarding the rich history of characters in the Star Trek universe. Keiko was a botanist aboard the Enterprise-D, where she met and fell in love with Miles O'Brien. Character in the fictional Star Trek universe, played by actress Rosalind Chao. [2] Keiko O'Brien. Miles & Keiko O'Brien. Miles was an officer and Keiko a botanist. Chief Miles O'Brien (Colm Meaney) was a popular recurring character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he really came into his own as a series regular on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.Premiering in 1992, DS9 was the first spinoff from TNG and it remains unique as the only Star Trek series set on a space station rather than a starship. These strong bonds carried further into her marriage with Miles O’Brien. Keiko O'Brien 4 Nov 2020 . Keiko Toda - Keiko Toda (戸田 恵子, Toda Keiko, born September 12, 1957 in Nagoya, Aichi) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer. She attempts to force Chief O'Brien to attack the Prophets in the Bajoran wormhole, but although the plan comes close to success, O'Brien is able to defeat the Pah-wraith and force it from her body.6 Keiko O'Brien is on Facebook. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. DistractedBoyfriend(5).jpg by Alan | | 0 . May 17, 2016 - Keiko O'Brien, played by Rosalind Chao on Deep Space 9. Kira Nerys acted as a surrogate mother for Kirayoshi after Keiko was injured during a mission to the Gamma Quadrant in late 2372, carrying the baby to term. People/Characters by cover. This article about a character is total crap! This page lists cards entitled Keiko O'Brien, for other cards with this character, please see Keiko O'Brien (character). The two were married by Captain Picard in 23672, and Keiko soon became pregnant.She gave birth to her daughter, Molly, in Ten Forward during a shipwide emergency, with … 6: Whilst visiting the Fire Caves of Bajor, Keiko O'Brien's body is possessed by a Pah-wraith. Kirayoshi "Yoshi" O'Brien was born in 2373, the second child of Miles and Keiko O'Brien. Happy birthday, Keiko O'Brien! Keiko O'Brien - Keiko O'Brien is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe, played by actress Rosalind Chao. Ok, so, I don't normally get all "famous person sighting! In Canon. Chief Miles O'Brien operated the Enterprise-D's transporter and he married Professor Keiko Ishikawa ... (Suzie Plakson); in TNG, he was a young boy played by Brian Bonsall but in DS9, the older Alexander was played by Marc Worden. Join Facebook to connect with Keiko O'Brien and others you may know. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker. your own Pins on Pinterest An audio version will appear on the This Week in Trek podcast, available for direct download here . However, O'Brien's rise from random bridge guy to main cast member wasn't all a shiny Galaxy-class ride set to heroic music.Star Trek loves to torture its engineers, after all, and our mild-mannered transporter chief has a biography that would make a Vulcan weep. Molly was born in 2368, with Worf delivering her, on the USS Enterprise -D , in the TNG episode " Disaster ". Keiko O'Brien (née Ishikawa) is a human recurring character in Star Trek: The Next Generation & Star Trek: Deep Space Nine played by Rosalind Chao.. Keiko O'Brien is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe, played by actress Rosalind Chao.Introduced in 1991, she is the spouse of the character Miles O'Brien in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999). Rosalind Chao played Keiko O`Brien Rosalind Chao Hot photoshoot - http://www.fantasyspace.co.uk/?T=Keiko%20O`Brian Keiko Ishikawa O’Brien has something of a reputation among Trek fans. This character is a member of the O'Brien family native to the mirror universe. This character is a member of the O'Brien family. Discover (and save!) Keiko O'Brien (née Ishikawa) was a 24th century civilian botanist aboard the USS Enterprise-D and Bajor, as well as the primary school teacher aboard the starbase Deep Space 9. Keiko O'Brien worked as a botanist aboard the Star Ship U.S.S.

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