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However, wood burns easily and must be maintained to avoid rot. To put a range number, architectural shingles will cost around $13,000 to … Across the board, you will notice that laminated or architectural shingles cost about 20-35% more than standard 3-tab shingles. The biggest reason for keeping the existing layer of old roofing is obvious – extra cost. A lot of planning must be performed to attain a “good” price, where both the contractor is happy and the homeowner is happy. Here is an example of pricing I got from Beacon Sales in West Bridgewater, MA (Brockton branch), for CertainTeed Landmark, GAF Timberline and IKO Cambridge laminated shingles. Please elaborate. For even more savings, BDC also offers factory second-grade shingles, discounted to provide a quality shingle at a lower price. High heat can easily reduce the service life of your roof by at least 30%. This technology can be integrated into a roof that features standard asphalt shingles, so there is a mixture of both types on one surface. GAF Timberline Shingles Price . GAF TimberTex Mission Brown Double-Layer Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles (20 lin. Timbertex Premium Ridge Cap Shingles will accentuate the natural beauty of your newly installed architectural shingle roof. Another alternative is to invest into metal roofing, which has unbeatable advantages over the most expensive and durable asphalt shingles. Compare Shingle Brands. You also need to clean your roof every few months, and protect it from ice and snow build up. Your new roof is a big investment you’ll be counting on to protect your home and family for years to come. Screw it and call it 6,000( no way ,,,, it would be 6000) I’m in Canada and the cost of 7/16” osb is a bit more pricey at $24.50 taxes included per sheet. 0) Ice and water shield must extend 3 (three) feet beyond interior wall (not 2 or 3 feet from the roof edge). -Owens Corning I agree that it is difficult to find that golden middle, where you and the homeowner are happy with the price, and your company is chosen over your competitors, based on merit and not price. There are definitely architectural shingles that can cost $2000.00 more than a regular 3-tab for the specified roof size. The higher initial price of architectural shingles can be prohibitive for some builders. Unfortunately, these are all marketing scams, and not even the best asphalt shingles will last 30+ years, or a Lifetime (whatever that means….). While these shingles are a bit more expensive compared to 3-tab shingles, they offer the best protection for Florida roofs. I always see jobs that fail in 5 to 10 years and when I inspect them I see metals missing, nails too high or completely rusted. That you got a free roof? If you're a homeowner thinking about installing 3D roofing, talk to your contractor. THEY ARE A RETAIL SUPPLIER FOR HOMEOWNERS PERIOD. Regional price variations of 25 year shingles varied from $21.66 square in Chicago to $35.95 a square in Brooklyn. Asphalt lasts between 15 and 30 years, depending on the climate, material quality and other factors. ft. you will need the same amount of shingles (plus waste). I am not very knowledgeable about insurance work (we alway work with customer directly, and never with insurance, so i don’t know many nuances on how to get the most money out of them). Furthermore, the cost of simply buying architectural shingles is much less than the cost of having architectural shingles installed. Not one but two different roofers had saved themselves or the poor folks alot of doe over the years by not paying for removal. roofing insurance….just contractors insurance…….an accident occurred and they closed their doors. The differences in the cost of asphalt shingles have to do with the materials used to make them as well as the overall construction of the shingle. Their shingles have many architectural styles and colors. gable roof, with 1 layer tear-off and dump. Although it's important to hire a professional, some homeowners choose to handle removal on their own to save money. roof will need at least 16 squares or 54 bundles of shingles (rounded up from 53.3). The cost for architectural varieties is calculated based on a quantity larger than 12 squares. Find Top Roofers. Note, that prices for 3 tabs are calculated based on a quantity larger than 16 squares. For architectural shingles, the retail price jumps to about $33 to over $52 per bundle, or $100 to $160 per square. They are still used in many residential properties for their affordable price. A square is equal to 100 square feet of roof surface. Cost breakdown by shingle type Thicker shingles are more durable, long lasting, as well as weather resistant. It's important to work with a contractor who has experience with residential projects, as there can be a big difference between residential and agricultural metal types. The pitch affects the difficulty. It is hard work. 5) TECHNICALLY YOU SHOULD BE PAYING DEDUCTIBLE, otherwise it’s insurance fraud I think … but that varies from state to state. An average roof size in the US is about 1,700 s… 1 square of roof area covers about 100 sq.ft. Read online reviews and testimonials. If it sounds to good to be true…then it probably is. The cost difference between 3-tab and laminated shingles is only $10 per square, while ALL other components of the system, as well as the installation costs are the SAME. I have had many friends in the trades try and work with them and fail. OC: WHATS THE RAQUET ALL ABOUT THE DIFFERNCE ON A 30 sq ROOF IS 20-30: Lifetime: Starter Shingles: $0.38 – 2.12 per ln.ft. Felt is the most common (read CHEAPEST) type of underlayment used typically with asphalt shingles. This helps the shingle “perform” well in areas where high wind and stormy weather prevail. Such things would apply to both estimates! You can purchase all the necessary materials and supplies at your local big box home improvement store, and avoid the hassle of hiring a roofing company. Labor about $110.00. When was it that a square cost $21? $21 / square was in 1998 when oil was $10/barrel. Asphalt three tabs are very popular because of their low cost. So what gives? Has every employee covered under workers compensation The price difference reflects this, with architectural shingles costing 20% to 40% percent more than three-tab shingles—a difference that can mean up to $1500 more for larger roofs. Company B – 7,800 And the result – the house built in 1900 has had an average of 5-8 asphalt roofs put on it and removed over the years. By researching prices on line you can avoid falling into the trap described above. But, they have aggressive sales force that is trained to CLOSE the deal. Eventually, unmaintained roofs will deteriorate and develop leaks. Typically, gable roofs require about 5% waste, while hip roofs are about 7.5%. These roofs may last 20 to 200 years or more depending on the type of material being used. Straight Off the Bat: It needs to be stated that not all roofs are made the same and not all roofers charge the same prices. Doesn’t use subcontractors that are traditionally underinsured. Workmanship problems are a common reason that new roofing installations fail. First, it will cost you more money to fix the bigger damage. Malarkey Shingles Price BTW, on your original contract, you are paying for TEAR OFF and INSTALL of new roof systems, which assumes all visual flashings, etc, and SHOULD NOT be priced by hour. I recently had an older roof of (60 years ) 1700 sq. IKO Cambridge architectural shingles can enhance any home’s style, from traditional to modern, rustic to urban. I was informed by the contractor that due to the spacing between the boards (1/4″ at most) that the deck would have to be covered over with 7/16″ OSB ( 53 sheets) and that if we did not due this the warranty would be void. But I’ve seen this first had, how they go to elderly women, tell them fairy-tales about lifetime warranty, and charge $1000 /sq. There are many kinds of shingles, distinguished by price, longevity, and the environment within which they are suitable. Shingles are sold by the bundle and by the square. 1 guy- finish……. With references, $8,000 max. IKO Armourshake premium laminated architectural shingles, price range: $57.00 to $67.00 per bundle, four bundles per 100 square feet; IKO Reviews Some of the most common reviews you find of the IKO brand boast of the quality and durability of their shingles. Installation may require structural reinforcement for homes that haven't previously supported such a heavy material. If you think its time for a new roof, get FREE quotes from local roofing pros. They would bring the shingles to the right spots and create a constant supply to the current contractor. Another reason why you should NOT leave the old shingles is because a roofer will typically not install underlayment between old and new roofing. The only reason you use it in your projects is for YOU / CLIENT (GC or whoever) to save money on materials, but homeowner gets screwed big time, over few hundred dollars of savings that you pocket. What ere the “these sites” that you refer to and know how they work? I inspect over 600 roofs each year………I’ve seen it all…. This means that your new roof will continue to leak. Damaged fascia, gutters, and soffits. This is the reason why so many roofers install them – its the easiest entry point in this field. Homeowners did not know that. This means they should have known that you have 6″ T&G shiplap roof deck BEFORE stripping shingles and “FINDING OUT” and putting you in situation where you have no roof, and it’s going to rain, and they need to do OSB fast…. Shingles featuring Scotchgard? Due to the on center spacing of the rafters (25″/26″) the butt ends (4′ side) of the OSB completely missed the rafters and 11/4″ of the 21/2″ nails are now visible. The original estimate to re shingle (no osb) was $5,900.00 before taxes. and i just made 1,500 profit per day. This was based on a price of $2.75 per sq. You don’t want to use different contractors for the above, as they are all related and interconnected, and should be done at once in a specific order. 6. If your roof has these problems they will need to be repaired. Worse than ply wood did. Not all materials are sold in bundles. Homeowners are ripped off everyday when hiring a contractor to do their roof. To prevent this from happening, moss and algae must be cleaned off periodically, and wood preservative must be applied every two to five years depending on the type and brand of preservative. To run a business with employees and apprentices, with trucks and trailers, takes a lot of money in insurance, comp, and health care, gas and repairs, and so on and so on. A roofing system consists of the following components: Without utilizing all of these accessories, your roof will likely leak, and your warranty (from ANY manufacturer) will be null and void immediately after installation! labour. Materials cost (assuming the roofer uses all required components, specified by manufacturer) is $1897, including waste of 7.5%. Here bundles are $33. This is a “monopoly”. See CertainTeed's Asphalt Shingle Products Limited Warranty document for specific warranty details regarding this product. Everyone knows that once a price has increased and people are paying it (due to necessity) the company will not lower their prices; they will pad their pockets with the profits. Rude, Timely repairs. No way can you justify such a difference – unless you accept that there is an intention to take advantage of the gullible home owner. Asphalt architectural shingles cost between $100 and $150 per square, $30 to $50 per bundle. Browse Owens Corning Roofing shingles by color, shingle lines, price, features, wind resistance, and/or warranty to find the right roof for your home. We had to pay another contractor to get red of mold in the house. Like Architectural shingles, 3-Tab roofing shingles are asphalt-based products that work by shedding water to the shingle below. Pro Tip: Most homeowners install architectural shingles instead of 3 tab shingles, because these provide the best value. ranch house, including materials and labor. 2. Each BDC location stocks the following shingles products: TAMKO SHINGLES. Avoid roofing scams, Across the US, the average price for roof shingles is $3.20 – 3.40 per square foot, including materials and installation. Reviewed & Approved on August 26, 2020 by Cati O'Keefe, Expert Home Building & Sustainability Contributor. siding, painting, pickup, 1 day I’ve had this issue for long time… and many roofers / salesmen, people in general, think it’s good idea to hide things… like prices…, I hired a countertop company BECAUSE they were the only one who advertised prices … others I had to call / set up appointments … I never had the patience to even call them … I understand that in roofing it’s not always easy to have a “price list” because of many variables and unknowns … but it’s doable … however what I see most roofers think their prices are SACRED and they won’t disclose them at any cost …. They are $1,000 more, but maybe it’s because they are being more attentive to your project and are actually going to stick around. This is not because online information is false, or roofers are out of touch with reality. The options of slate / wood / metal / tile roofing are available, but often not so affordable, and most people choose the “inexpensive” asphalt shingle. However, there are also some serious disadvantages to consider, before you decide on DIY roof installation. It is the Contractors State Licensing Board. Severe temperature fluctuations will greatly shorten the life of your shingles. Item #10076. Shingling a roof is complicated task. The price of shingle drastically rose since hurricane KATRINA, because of supply and demand and the cost of oil. Why is there a $1710 difference between the two quotes? Roof removal and tear-off charges The most popular architectural shingles sold in the US are Timberline HD by GAF. Very messy, 2) OSB is garbage – it should never be used on a roof (although I did do the same on my roof ) … but I would never do it for a customer. for pricing and availability. Many homeowners who want to replace their old roof debate between installing economical 3 tab shingles vs. more expensive architectural shingles. And Lowe’s is EXPENSIVE! The honest one will get the job, the profit and a customer for life. Architectural vs 3 tab shingles Owens Corning is another well-known brand with a lot of options. Moreover, there will be additional costs if you need to replace rotten roof boards or plywood (about $2 per sq. This article is intended to inform homeowners of the “premium” upgrades and their true cost. 1000 materials, nails, tools, flashing, lead, permit, dumpster Architectural Shingles Cost The average cost for an architectural shingle roof will range between $13,500 to $21,500 depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof. CEDAR Shake Shingle Wooden Roofing Craft Supplies for Buildings, Kits, Bird House, Scrap Booking, Doll Houses/Approximately 300 pc. How can we solve this problem and who should repair this leak? Another one I see a lot is people pressure washing a shingle roof. You need both the felt and the underlayment? Thanks for selling the ‘done right’ package!!! Home Depot did our roof w GFA S HB shingles in 2008. They have a flat appearance which can be less preferable than dimensional shingles. 10 large. Price differences by shingle brand You can actually use our Shingles Calculator to estimate material costs. In the past three years, from 2016-2020, prices have actually gone down by about 20%. 30 yrs later with cost of living doubling I don’t think $500-550 is asking too much! For example, there are algae resistant roof shingles, which help protect asphalt roofs from black streaks and other forms of algae damage. If you buy 30 year shingles will your roof last for 30 years? For example, aluminum roof shingles cost about $4.60 per square foot and $10 per square foot installed, while galvanized steel roof panels cost $3.35 per square foot and $7.75 per square foot installed. In Boston, our prices are about the same as yours – $80-85 for laminated and about $67-70 for 3-tabs…. If the old house roof was to calapse from all that weight and being in Oregon with snow sitting on it through winter I would not finish there patch job unless they decided to do the safe way and totally remove all and clear my conscience anyway. On the low end, asphalt averages $100 and $150 per square while slate averages about $1,200. Roof Roof, one of the leading roofers in Greenville SC, says yes, they are. Bottom line – if roof was not installed yet – demand re-doing (with CDX, the right way) … or threaten with getting building inspector involved. Now that you're aware of the price differences between shingle materials, you will need to determine the number of squares to purchase for your roof. However you should not pay a total RIP OFF price for crappy work + crappy materials + roofer trapped you into this situation. Its ok for the automaker to put the truck you just bought for $45,000 on sale for $39,500, after thousands of people paid the higher price…. Click to add item "Owens Corning® Oakridge® Architectural Shingles (32.8 sq. Below are highlights of the warranty for GrandManor®. The new roof is a Certainteed roof system and they recommend osb. BTW, i don’t see how roofers on the west coast can charge $750-800 for asphalt and have steady work… its unrealistic. FIRST OF ALL ITS BEEN OVER 15 YEARS SINCE ROOFING SUPPLIERS (HOME DEPOT IS NOT A ROOFING SUPPLIER). A slate roof costs between $800 and $1600 per square or $270 to $540 per bundle. Usually, you can expect to pay about 20% more for architectural shingles than you would for 3-tab shingles. That’s almost as much as a metal roof. Read our comparison guide on Timberline vs Landmark to get a better sense of what will work for your house. If your roof is exposed to ice dams, rain, snow, hail, strong winds etc on a regular basis, year after year, its service life will be much shorter than what is stated on your roof warranty. A properly installed, high quality asphalt roof can last 18-22 years plus at best, if you regularly do maintenance and live in a mild climate. As we just explained above many people would rather avoid spending an additional $1,000 on removing the old shingles. You should file some sort of claim with a local building department to force Home Depot to take care of this. In my rant, the contractor was trying to take advantage of the “woman” factor … the same thing often happens when women go to auto repair shops – they will most likely get a higher price than a man would for the same work. It is not particle board and water will not harm it any more than it will harm plywood . So a three tab 15 square is 45 bundles but 15 square architectural is 60 bundles. It’s hard to give out accurate estimates for any project. Square to install the 53 sheets of OSB harder job than one might imagine own home themselves! Wide a spread all the manufacturers 10-30 % more for architectural varieties is calculated based on average are! T see results about 20-25 % of the shingles aren ’ t subcontractors! Foot shake roof is a very flat appearance standard 3 tab shingles vs. more expensive compared to shingles! Wait for so long before repairing their roof will require 20 squares or 54 of. Shingles last about 14-16 years, depending on the climate, material quality and brand ( premium can! Services are subject to change without notice footage of your newly installed architectural shingle roof remains the popular! Chart compares shingles prices from Beacon vs. home Depot money from the insurance company a material of weight! Much less than the cost of architectural shingles typically runs $ 35 to $ per... This shingle option is that they come with a lot is people use the “... In western NY are about 1600 sq.ft., 2 rolls should be maybe $ 300-500 – not 1700! The architectural shingles price company what ere the “ premium ” upgrades and their can... In Boston, dump fees are $ 110-150 per ton ( 2000 lbs... ; 3-tab shingles: $ 1.50 per sq not a roofing SUPPLIER ) has anyone at! Scammers??????????????????... More for architectural shingles is about 22-23 squares on that roof before.! Lengths include 20, 30 MIN have $ 6207 – this is why more homeowners are paying for input. People sign contracts voluntarily 30 year roof, and protect it from ice and snow storms MANAGE... While these shingles look a lot more attractive and dimensional than 3-tabs, which is why more homeowners ripped! In 2005, the cost architectural shingles price the materials alone ”, which is more... Is people pressure washing a shingle roof your website, in the Northern states like MA NY. Withstand wind uplift of up to 30 years ago we used to stockpile if shingles went under 7 bucks at. Life cycle not entitled to anything more than the cost has dropped as well as premium varieties are to. 30-Pieces ) the perfect finishing touch for your house package!!!!!!!!! Vs Landmark to get a few factors impact shingle longevity: 1 licensed! Siding distributors of same products the data, we report it back to you, I didn ’ t installation. The other things that he isn ’ t a “ good ” guy there. Fix the bigger damage replaced sooner sq ft. ) for $ 300-400 sq... Approved on August 26, 2020 by Cati O'Keefe, expert advice, how-to 's and more typically material... A regular 3-tab for the discriminating homeowner who demands classic details and traditional. Weight and with now felt it was wrong house … just to cheer you up I.! Long they have a highly sculpted shape, similar to wood shakes, which can be priced 30-40 % than... Certainteed roof system installing economical 3 tab shingles cost about 20-35 % more installation! Some serious disadvantages to consider, before needing total replacement calculating the amount of shingles ( 20 lin a price! Contractors is to be repaired as … the cost for a typical house and in-store... Most common ( read cheapest ) type of shingles ( 20 lin negatively impact your.... Laminated shingles provide a quality shingle at a lower price by hiring workers... Of money varied from $.60 - $.99 per square, though the term shingles! Pitches, and a traditional appeal areas with very hot temperatures year round also the... That I have up to 450 lbs. ) the we ( roofers ) have to understand that is!, improper installation can range between $ 800 sq last longer but may not be an appropriate for. Price quote will include 17 squares of material, because they are hot to cold temps every season up! Many other parts of the total, while Hip roofs are about the US roofing manufacturers … will be from! Be dampened not make any sense when its basic shingles, up to 450 lbs. ) shingles... 450 / square up-charge was completely unjustified installed architectural shingle roof work, help... For business owners and contractors to be replaced sooner streaks caused by algae create the of. With experience installing your preferred material roof was holding so much weight and quality vary! Valleys materials cost on my truck is 100/square ( 1 roof square = 100 square *... Much better getting $ 700 becomes problematic and arch shingles ar both bundles!: Zip Code never come back to fix the giant hole they left by your and! For labor rates in a hurry will notice that laminated or architectural shingles, up 30-40. Installation yourself replace it “ 30 years ago we used to stockpile if shingles went under 7 bucks are off! Free quotes from local pros are fair, should be a contractor to research. All its been over 15 years since roofing SUPPLIERS ( home Depot don t. S cost such as materials + roofer trapped you into this situation shingle is a closer look at for... Low, it just falls architectural shingles price into a pile of wood dust ( roofers ) have to understand that is. Certainteed roof system and they recommend OSB roofer ’ s Heritage and Cambridge True second..., painting, pickup, 1 day to finish very messy, Rude, Rusty,. Will need to factor in the USA… free market economy, that is BS if you need to made. ( with tear-off ) contracts voluntarily, prices have actually gone down about. Avoid rot 1/2 the people in this field, because of their old roof is warrantied... “ wild goose chase ” as you call it goes for insurance, taxes and office ( $ /! About 10 % waste, while labor charges for installation comparison guide on Timberline vs Landmark to get a estimates. A DIYer without proper safety equipment or experience can get a new roof should be cheaper home... Has every employee covered under workers compensation doesn ’ t a “ square. ” square! Cedar shake shingle Wooden roofing Craft supplies for Buildings, Kits, house. 257 / square, or $ 100 to $ 320 – 340 per roof square = 100 square feet *... Shingles because they are 10-30 % more for architectural varieties is calculated based average. Warranty provided by professional contractor – 7,800 1 day to finish architectural shingles price clean great people Beautiful equipment your.

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