is rex lapis dead

So i just finished Chapter 1 Act 2 and i'm a bit confused on why the traveller wants to see the Exuvia of Rex Lapis. Volume 0% He's simply decided that Liyue doesn't need his protection anymore and willingly gives up his Gnosis to start a new life as Zhongli. Edit: Most of the comments cleared it out for me but i think u/StrelitziaYuforia cleared it out the best! Posthumous Character: She was killed in the Archon War long before the events of the game started. “You must have an endless source of money to take on this job full-time without pay, Mr. Zhongli,” Hu Tao remarks. Though Hu Tao carries on with her work, humming a traditional tune as she fills out the paperwork set ahead of her for the day. The Geo Archon just died when they were about to meet him, and they have been told thay the only chance to still meet him is through the death rite. There is no reason to waste time on a dead God unless we already know in advance that he is not "dead". Here's a copy of, traveller wants to meet the 7 gods to see if they can help them find their lost sibling/fatui business. Go to Liyue Harbor Talk to the locals (x/3) Talk to Linlang, Guanhai, and Bolai Go to Yujing Terrace Pray and make a wish at Yujing Terrace (x/2) Join the crowd and wait for the Rite to begin Talk to Paimon Escape from the Millelith Talk to Childe at the Northland Bank Paimon pretty much speaks for the traveller though and she said "If the Liyue Qixing has locked up Exuvia and won't let anyone near... then [traveller]'s quest to find The Seven is already over!" Grain of Aerosiderite is an item in Genshin Impact. Its so he can read the script and not skip cutscene /s. For the story discussion: My theory is that the murder is a real one, but that not Rex Lapis himself got killed, but another adepti acting as his double. She could be a devot believer of Rex Lapis (because his guidance made her wealthy or such stuff) and now try to find the murder on her own, isolating herself in paranoia. Five years ago, the day of the Rite of Descension. Rite of Descension is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Chapter 1, Act 1: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths. Beep. 1 2 Vol. The one before in Mondstad, the one that built the Stormterror area the moment that died the moment Venti became the next one. Ningguang reminisce to a debt from her childhood. Hu Tao peers over the desk and onto the floor, eyeing the shattered ceramic. Mortals are such unpredictable creatures sometimes, Zhongli swears under his breath. A shame, if anything; getting to seal a god would be great exercise for her. Portmanteau: Her contract with Rex Lapis resulted in the land they signed being known as the "Guili" Plains by combining pieces of both of their current names. Osial, the God Zhongli has sealed in this very sea. There is no reason to waste time on a dead God unless we already know in advance that he is not "dead". The legend of the Archon War, the many Gods that plagued the lands. The fatui wants the gnosis of the archon elements not to kill them. “We can work out your salary tomorrow,” she tells him, to which he shakes his head. Now, her hands begin to fumble with each other like Zhongli’s read about in books, seen in operas— if there is no mora, there is no Rex Lapis watching her from above, and there is still Zhongli. In order to discover more about the Fatui, and possibly the Traveler's lost twin, players must meet with Rex Lapis, the god who presides over Liyue. It is an inexpensive vase, thrown along with accusations of him being a robber, a criminal, a rude man in general for breaking and entering while she was at Yujing Terrace.

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