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Watch for fishing lines and children playing. Parking permits are required on the Friday before Memorial Day until 11:59pm on Labor Day. Taking either path was a tricky endeavor, and adventurous vacationers could expect the trip from Nags Head to the main villages of Hatteras Island to take several hours in the very best of conditions. Pets must be on a 6-foot leash at all times. Vehicles can utilize private 4WD access ramps only. The only exceptions to this are: Carova: driving on Carova beaches is free, but a permit is required to park.Info about that HERE. Outer Banks beach driving offers a new way to explore and view the area. Beach driving is a time-tested and fun activity on the Outer Banks that's open to everyone, locals and visitors alike, and many folks find after that first initial trip, they are officially dedicated to exploring beach spots well off the beaten path. $120. You need a chicken fried to golden, crispy perfection obviously. Truly an Outer Banks family tradition, Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant has been owned & operated by the Miller Family since 1982. Can you drive on the beach on Hatteras Island? The most popular destinations for year-round beach driving is the 4WD accessible beaches north of Corolla, Hatteras Island, and Ocracoke Island. Nags Head, Kills Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk - The central Outer Banks beaches of Nags Head, Kills Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk generally also allow beach driving, during certain conditions. Best Store on the beach! Parking permit information can be found here. What should you do if you drive through saltwater on the Outer Banks? But due to a number of property ownership factors and environmental concerns, that never happened, and instead, a well-worn sand "road" was haphazardly created, allowing trucks of all sizes to access the small northern villages. of pressure in the tires. Parking permit information can be found here. This should only be done if your vehicle is larger and/or more powerful than the stuck vehicle, (or is about the same), and the stuck vehicle isn’t too submerged in soft sand. "We had a blast driving on … Official Tourism Authority for Dare County’s Outer Banks Parking permits are required on the Friday before Memorial Day until 11:59pm on Labor Day in Corolla/Carova. OuterBanks.com would like to thank Bob's Wild Horse Tours for supporting this content. A permit is required to drive on the 4×4 beaches on the Currituck Outer Banks, including Ocean Beach, Seagull Beach, Swan Beach, and Carova Beach, from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day. Beach Driving Season Four-wheel drive, state inspected vehicles with a proper Town permit (which costs $25), are allowed on the beach in both Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills from October 1st through April 30th each year. Driving on the Beach Rules. (Hatteras Island has a total of 11 ORV ramps.) Beach driving is also allowed year-round on the isolated 4WD beaches north of Corolla. Kites and frisbees can scare birds off their nests, leaving eggs and chicks exposed to predators and deadly heat. Avoid driving or parking on the wrack line. Bob's offers professionally-guided 4x4 open-air tours across the remote beaches of Carova. Driving on the beach is allowed year-round at designated ORV ramps throughout Hatteras Island, and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. In addition, certain areas of beach may be closed due to seasonal pedestrian use or if the beach is too narrow for safe driving. Low pressure tire gauge. Unless you have never driven on a beach or off roaded at all. The majority of gas stations and convenience stores close to ORV ramps on the Outer Banks have air available for vehicles to refill their tires. Page three of the printed permit is the visible proof of permit that must be affixed (taped) to the bottom of the driver’s side windshield. Observe posted closures. The outer beach permit MUST be permanently affixed to the driver's side windshield at the time of purchase. Chances are, if there is a vehicle passing by or parked up the beach, they will probably pause and assist you in getting out of the sand. Do you need to air down your tires to drive on the Outer Banks beaches? Still stuck? Driving on the beach is allowed in Nags Head from October 1 until April 30. We've put together a short list of recommended items to get unstuck and stay safe. Most vacationers consider their pet to be a part of their family, and as a result, thousands of Outer Banks visitors bring their furry family members in tow year after year. For current information, visit one of the seashore visitor centers or www.nps.gov/caha. 367 reviews. If you are planning on visiting the Carova Beaches there are new rules for 2018 Carova Beach Parking Permit. Driving on the beach is permitted at a number of beaches on Ocracoke Island, year round. Observe common courtesy on the beach and the rules of the road when meeting or passing other vehicles at constricted areas. Even if you're exploring the central Outer Banks beaches on foot, the wintertime is an exceptionally attractive time to go, as the area is not quite a ghost town, with plenty of restaurants and shops still open, but the beaches offer ample elbow room for fishing, shelling, or just enjoying a long secluded stroll. It is incumbent upon each of us to preserve this natural heritage. More information is available through the Kill Devil Hills Police Dept at 252-449-5537. Alternative routes of bypasses may be established if possible. Can you drive on the Outer Banks beaches with an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle? Beach Driving in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore including Ocracoke. Beach driving permits can also be obtained at Hatteras Islands’ three National Park Service ranger stations. Permits will be granted only with accompanying proof of state registration. To provide for both visitor enjoyment and the protection of park resources, please observe the following regulations and recommendations when using ORVs at the Seashore. Frequent Carova vacationers love this attribute, as it means that the area remains sparsely populated, with no commercial businesses or large complexes to intrude on the natural landscape. Everything you need for your vacation. Observe Posted Speed Limits. Do you need a 4WD vehicle to drive on the Outer Banks beaches? On Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, beach driving permits can be obtained at the islands’ three National Park Service ranger stations, or via the Cape Hatteras National Seashore’s website. You need a permit to drive on the beach, which is only allowed from October 1 through April 30, so make sure you take necessary measures before carousing through the sand. Though the rules vary from location to location on the Outer Banks, in general, the regulations and beach etiquette guidelines for beach driving are as follows: What tools or gear should you bring to drive on the Outer Banks beaches? Watch for fishing lines. Do not hang out of moving vehicles or sit on the tailgate or roof. 1 Visitors Center Circle, Manteo, NC 27954 It is recommended that you wash the vehicle after each outing, both sheet metal and undercarriage. Vacationers will find they have their choice of swimming destinations, from the fun and challenging ocean waves, to the shallow splashing waters of the sound, to the assortment of public and community pools found all along the islands. We offer free delivery. Beach Fire Regulations BEACH FIRE PERMIT Permit Procedures: 1.ead Beach Fire Regulations R listed on back . Once successfully ferried across the Oregon Inlet to the island, drivers could either follow the oceanfront beaches to the main villages, (with sand that was as deep and soft as it is today), or attempt to follow a series of sporadically used small trails that veered from the ocean dunes to the soundside. Night driving is generally allowed from November 16 through April 30. Finally, you need that familial setting of passing the plates, helping yourself and fighting for the very last piece. ANTICIPATION. Avoid overcrowding any one area and displacing others from their previously chosen spots. Printed Name . When possible, drive on the portion of the beach located just below the high tide mark. Do not drive in the dunes, or well above the high tide line. Duck allows beach driving but is only accessible by private 4WD ramps. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right-of-way. On the self-certification card, simply write in the information from your permit, sign the card, and place on your dashboard. When is beach driving allowed on the Outer Banks? Vechicle … Do not dump wastewater or greywater on the beach. Find your perfect beach, amenities, beach guidelines, and more. All of the beach driving areas and ramps on Hatteras and Ocracoke Island are open seasonally, meaning that during certain times of year, (specifically in the summer months), some areas may be closed for threatened species that are breeding, or sea turtles that are nesting. A beach driving permit must be obtained first, and can be picked up at the local ranger stations by Oregon Inlet and in Buxton, or online at the National Park Service website. Yes, beach driving is allowed October 1 through April 30, provided you have obtained a beach driving permit either from the Town of Kill Devil Hills or the Town of Nags Head. Do you need a permit to drive on the beach on the Outer Banks? Return all fish not being kept back to the water alive, including skates and sharks. Avoid driving or parking on the wrack line. Like +2 Quote Flag Some of the product links include affiliate codes. On the Outer Banks, beach driving enthusiasts will find miles of shoreline to explore, from the uninhabited shoreline along Ocracoke Island to the solely 4WD accessible beaches of Carova, north of Corolla. The use of off-road vehicles (ORVs) is a long-standing way for visitors to enjoy the Seashore’s ocean beaches and soundside waters. Travel Advisory and Face-Covering Requirements, NPS Current Interactive Beach Access Map using Google Earth, National Park Regulations You Need To Know & Observe, For current Cape Hatteras National Seashore Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use, please, For current Nags Head Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use, please, For current Kill Devil Hills Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use, please. Learn about local wildlife and history on your way to find the Wild Spanish Mustangs that inhabit our beaches and maritime forests. The risk for damage increases the deeper the saltwater is, and the longer that the saltwater remains on the undercarriage of the car or truck. Saltwater can cause long-term rusting and permanent damage to a vehicle. See current access ramps and beach closings by visiting this page and clicking on the "daily beach access map". Even the most seasoned local beach driver can get stuck on the sand from time to time, and with a few extra precautions and measures ahead of time, getting stuck on the beach can easily turn into a funny vacation story, instead of a frustrating vacation headache. Private access allows vehicles vehicles on the beach between October 1 - April 30. Phone: (877) 629-4386. Driving is always permitted along the dune line throughout the 4×4 beach driving area. Beach drivers will also be required to watch a seven-minute instructional video before being issued their permit. Click Here for Off Roading Outer Beach Rules and Regulations CHECK OUT OUR INFORMATIONAL VIDEO We use cookies for measurement, ads, and optimization. ATVS are not allowed on the Outer Banks from Corolla to Ocracoke Island. Obey all posted signs. Pedestrians always have right-of-way on the beach. Speed limit on Hatteras & Ocracoke Islands (Cape Hatteras National Seashore) is 15mph. The 4WD area of Corolla in the Outer Banks allows you to take your 4WD vehicle to the beach. Through a reciprocal program, each town recognizes the beach driving permit issued by the other. They are. Do not drink and drive. If shore fishing, check with local tackle shops concerning fishing license requirements and size and creel limits for various species of fish. The speed limit on park beaches is 15 mph unless otherwise posted. Wooden boards or traction mats can also come in handy, as they can provide a solid surface to drive on when trying to get out of the sand. They can disturb nesting adults, kill chicks or crush eggs. I liked it better when you could drive on the beach for free but I will be on Hatteras four times in the next 8 months and three of those times the mutts will be with me so I got it. Remember at all times that the unspoiled beaches of all seashore areas afford the pleasure to everyone. Outerbanks NC permit commences today 2/15/12 qouted from linked source below "When the rule becomes effective on February 15, 2012, an ORV permit will be required to operate a vehicle on the designated ORV routes at the Seashore.Permits can be obtained beginning on February 15 at any of the three NPS ORV permit offices located at Coquina Beach, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Visitor … Vehicle must be licensed and registered for highway use. When parked on the beach, leave room for two-way traffic to pass safely. The wrack line is a line of accumulated natural debris left by a previous high tide. A spare tire, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, trash bags, flashlight and tow straps are recommended. Always on call, a local towing company can assist you year-round, and can have your vehicle out of the sand in no time. Required Equipment. Please Drive Safely. Vehicles must be registered, licensed, insured, and have a current safety inspection if required in home state/country. Please be especially cautious of children and pets who may dart into traffic. The Outer Banks is unique in that every beach community along the skinny chain of barrier islands is distinctive, with its own enticing atmosphere and long list of perks. Generally drive with 15-25 lbs. Please deposit all trash in trash containers wherever available or by bagging and removing it from the beach. Click on "Print Permit." Should you tow another vehicle that is stuck on the beach? Beach driving may also be allowed south of the ramp in the northern Corolla beaches from October through April. Avoid getting too close to the water. Avoid driving or parking on the wrack line. On the Outer Banks, it's practically an institution. Instead, hop out of the vehicle, and start digging behind or in front of your tires, depending on where your tires are lodged the deepest, and where the easiest route off the patch of sand is. Not a problem. Visitors that get stuck on the beach can try removing excess sand from their tires and creating a clear path, (or track), to get out of the soft sand. Beach drivers on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore will need to obtain a Beach Driving Permit before hitting the shore, and can be purchased online and sent via mail, or in person at one of the following locations: Coquina Beach office, Cape Hatteras Light Station, and the Ocracoke Visitor Center. Stay away from wild horses on the northern Corolla beaches, and other wildlife. Tow straps, shovel, spare tire, jack and jack board are recommended, and sometimes required to be in the vehicle. Refill holes and remove any boards or other aids after being stuck, leaving the beach passable for others. While planning a vacation that includes everyone in the family, including a beloved dog or other pet, can initially seem a little daunting, on the Outer Banks, it's actually an easy affair. The wrack line is a line of stranded natural debris on the beach left by the previous high tide that can be an important food source for protected birds. Proceed with caution, and do not attempt to tow vehicles that are much larger than yours, or that are stuck in very deep ruts. Do not drive on or between the dunes. If permit is not permanently affixed to the window entry to the outer beach will be denied. On Ocracoke Island, visitors will find a handful of beach access ramps that begin just 100 yards or so from the ferry docks, and are located throughout the island all the way to the Ocracoke Inlet ramp. Fireworks and metal detectors are not permitted. Inexpensive and easy to pack along, the boards can be placed under the submerged-in-sand tires to drive out of a beach rut. Next month will be my new trucks first time on the beach. Will pulling out a vehicle that is stuck on the beach damage your truck? So I just printed out my beach driving permit. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Remove ANY trash or litter from the beach, including bait, fish parts or dead fish. … Traction mats provide a solid surface in case you get stuck on the beach. Beach driving is not permitted in the towns of Southern Shores or Kitty Hawk. Two types of permits are available for purchase. Park perpendicular to the water in the middle of the beach. Park Rangers may assist you, but they are not permitted to pull or tow other vehicles. Chances are that after a leisurely spin along the shoreline, like generations of vacationers, you'll be simply hooked. By taking a drive along the beach, vacationers will find they can easily pack all the gear they desire, discover new and inviting locations, and basically tour huge parcels of the Outer Banks shoreline without even stepping out of their vehicle. And we have this art down at The Cookshak Fried Chicken – in fact, it’s our specialty. All ORV's are required to have a copy of the ORV Permit inside the vehicle. Reduced tire pressure is critical to a good beach driving experience and 18-20 psi is strongly encouraged. However, the National Park Service (NPS) requires visitors to have an off-road vehicle (ORV) permit to operate a vehicle on designated ORV routes at the Seashore. In central towns like Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills, beach driving is only allowed in the off season months, or roughly October until April. Carova Beach. Permits will be available beginning on Feb. 15 at three permit offices — Coquina Beach just south of Nags Head, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Visitor Center in Buxton and the Ocracoke Visitor Center. Unless otherwise marked, speed limits are 25mph and 15mph or slower near others/pets/wild animals. Page two of the printed permit contains all the beach driving rules and regulations. We like these linked products, but we took care to make sure they are highly-rated by many customers. 4x4 Cape Hatteras National Seashore Access Permits, Parking permit information can be found here, Parking permit information for Corolla beaches can be found here, It is recommended that all 4WD vehicles air their tires down to 15-22 psi before driving on the beach to avoid getting stuck, Click HERE for our recommended beach-driving equipment guide. Feeding may artificially inflate animal populations, create aggresive behavior and force other species out of habitat. The rules are easy to follow, and include such guidelines such as maintaining (or not exceeding) a certain speed, keeping pets on a leash, tire pressure recommendations, or other general NPS rules. Where can you get air for your tires on the Outer Banks? It’s possible that trying to pull out a vehicle that is stuck may cause some damage you your own truck, or can lead to you getting stuck yourself. From there, they can enjoy miles of beach driving, scenic ocean views, and if they're lucky, a glimpse of the wild horses, the area's first and most treasured local residents. Call 252-453-8602 for more information. Pay attention to seasonal nesting closures, and do not drive through these areas. From lifeguard stations in some of the most popular spots in town, to desolate shorelines where visitors won’t see another person for miles, it’s easy to pick a beach destination along the Outer Banks that perfectly suits a family’s vacationing style. Thankfully, after decades of development and subsequent paved roads and bridges, the hike to get to some of the Outer Banks' most treasured and quiet vacation destinations is by all means no longer an ordeal. Where to drive on the Outer Banks beaches Corolla - 4x4 vehicles can access the beach at the Northern end of NC 12 where the paved road ends. Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), and utility vehicles (UTV's) are prohibited. a 10-day Permit ($50, valid for 10 consecutive days), or an Annual Permit ($120, valid for one year from date of purchase). Parking permit information for Corolla beaches can be found here. Beach driving is allowed north of the paved NC Highway 12 in the Carova area year round. Driving on the Beach in Nags Head is Permitted From October 1 Through April 30 Vehicles with a proper Town permit (which costs $25), are allowed on … A current driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, insurance and license plate are required for all vehicles – including ATVs. Can you drive on the beach on Ocracoke Island? Resident/Owner – This seasonal permit is available at no fee to Currituck County residents and property owners. By continuing to use our site you agree to our Privacy Policy. Only access the beach with a 4WD vehicle. What should you do if you get stuck driving on the beach on the Outer Banks? Tire jack and jack support. Once an uphill path is created, you can try to move the vehicle again, or you can lay down the 2' x 4's, giving your vehicle some stable ground to drive on. Visitors who drive on the beach without the appropriate beach driving permit may be subjected to a ticket and a hefty fine. Today, this area is home to a varying collection of vacation rental homes, ranging from shaded 3 bedroom soundside cottages to behemoth oceanfront rental homes. Reckless Driving (ie: cutting circles or defacing the beach) is prohibited. A current driver's license, valid vehicle registration, insurance and license plates are required for all vehicles. In between, vacationers will find a dozen seasonally open beach access ramps, including 4 in between the tri-villages of Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo and the town of Avon, one in between Avon and Buxton, one in the heart of Frisco, and one on the very southern edge of Hatteras Village that leads out to Hatteras Inlet. Air down your tires to 15-22 psi before driving on the beach. If the tires start to spin, back up in your tire tracks for several car lengths and accelerate slowly as you move forward. Conditions were similar on Hatteras Island, which until the construction of the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge in the early 1960s, was only accessible by a privately run ferry owned and operated by Captain Tillet. As a last resort, visitors can also ask other, larger 4WD vehicles for help, or call a local tow truck company. To access the 4WD beaches of the Carova coastline, visitors simply take the sand ramp located at the very northern end of Corolla. For more information about KDH beach driving and permits, please call KDH Town Hall at 252-449-5300. At its simplest, the two main 4x4 beach access areas are: One of the reasons so many vacationers flock to the Outer Banks is the thrill of driving on the beach, a rare privilege that few East Coast beach vacation destinations can offer. They are allowed in isolated Portsmouth Island, which is located just south of Ocracoke Inlet, and which is part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Kill Devil Hills-- Beach Driving is permitted from October 1st through April 30th with a permit. DO NOT attempt to continue going forward if you are stuck, as it will make the vehicle dig deeper into the sand. There are multiple towing companies on the Outer Banks from Corolla to Ocracoke Island, which can assist vehicles that have gotten stuck while driving on the beach. Unless your driving on the beach south by the Cape Hatteras light house, or about 90 miles north up at Carolla, the beavh driving isn't that exciting. Kite flying and frisbee tossing are prohibited within or above any bird closure. Effective October 2015, the Town of Kill Devil Hills proudly announces a new reciprocal program with the Town of Nags Head that allows persons who may have already purchased a current beach driving permit from Nags Head to use that permit to drive on the beaches in Kill Devil Hills. For more information, please visit NPS Current Interactive Beach Access Map using Google Earth. The softer the sand the lower the pressure needed. Salt water spray is highly corrosive. Each vehicle must have its own permit. Beach driving is not allowed year-round in the towns of Southern Shores and Kitty Hawk. Do not air down your tires or park directly on the ORV ramp or in established tracks. It's the law that you must air down your tires before getting on the beach. Stay at least 50 feet away from wild horses. Families and friends join together for an unforgettable beach vacation in the Outer Banks (OBX). From Corolla to Hatteras Island, Resort Realty offers nearly 550 Outer Banks vacation homes that range from cozy 1-bedroom condos to exquisite 13-bedroom luxury estates. permittee at the location of the fire. Beach driving is allowed year round on Hatteras Island and October 1-April 30 in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills. For a sit-down meal, check out our Nags Head eatery shared with Pizzazz Pizza.

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