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Ask Customer Service; Spartan Chemical Announces a New Sanitation Product for the Food Processing Industry; New Functionality from Spartan Chemical’s CompuClean® Makes Custodial Management Simpler Than Ever; Todd Seabert Recognized as Nichols 2017 Supplier Representative of the Year Effective hard and non-porous surface cleaner. If you wanted a more buffable finish, you could use one of those. To use a product on the acidic (pH < 7) side, choose M*95. There are times when you just want to do a good deep cleaning of the entire room, leaving disinfecting as a last step as you end the process. Try cleaning the carpet with CX3 BioAssist, then putting 4-6 ounces of Airlift Smoke and Odor Eliminator per gallon of the rinse water. What is safe to use on decorative press board walls to clean mildew but not damage it? We offer a wide selection of spartan services and products to help you get the job done right! How long will Exterior Waterproofer repel water from my concrete surface? If that is the case, GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral could both be used to clean and disinfect them. In general, if the floor surface is properly prepared, the water based gym finishes will be fine on top of oil modified gym finishes. Now the floor is ready for you to apply the sealer and finish you have chosen to protect the floor and match the appearance and maintenance profile the owner wants. Since they are for indoor use only, it wasn't deemed necessary. SpartaGard is not appropriate for outdoor use as rain will wash away the product after a few exposures. First test the ceiling tile to make sure it is tolerant of getting wet. What chemical which will remove glue from a metal window frame? Low sudsing. You really do not need the Airlift product. Damp Mop is the lead product for this purpose. Yes. Reach for Grub Scrub when your hand cleaning needs are extreme and you have water at hand for rinsing. It can also be used on uncoated marble floors as a very light dressing. Can I use a pro-weave roller to put down New Generation 100? Neither is a disinfectant. Once cleaned, you could disinfect the whole room with one of our many neutral pH disinfectants, like GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral. How should I clean mold off a stucco wall? What do you recommend for taking care of bamboo flooring? The products you can use include Foamy Q & A, Clean By Peroxy, M*95 and GS Restroom Cleaner. Clothesline Fresh Laundry Detergent #3, Clothesline Fresh No Dye - No Fragrance Laundry Detergent #13 and Clothesline Fresh Detergent EP #18 are safe to use on fire retardant clothing. Mixed at 1:4, you take one gallon stripper plus four gallons water to make five gallons of RTU stripper. Do not shortcut the preparation process. Their staff is medically trained and have all our SDS so they can offer sound advice on what to do. Bamboo floors do well with water based coatings like AquaSport Wood Floor Finish or AquaSport 2-Part Wood Floor Finish. Can an acid be used? And there are two different fragrance options to choose from: Spring Breeze and Clean and Fresh. You let it drip dry onto the drop cloth. Two great products for cleaning dumpsters and the area around them are Consume Eco-Lyzer and Orange Tough 40. Whether human or animal, if chemical exposure happens with any Spartan Chemical product, you should call the emergency medical number listed on the Safety Data sheet. What products does Spartan make that will work on lime scale? It doesn't matter whether you apply SpartaGard on wet or dry carpet. It can be used on any water safe surface including on N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Finish. For tacking sanded wood floors, the estimated coverage rate is 10,000 square feet per gallon. Clothesline Fresh Softener/Sanitizer is the answer. No. How do you read the numbers on the bottom of the aerosol can? It's the end of the boat season. Weaker than this and you will wake up the Consume bugs too soon. Place the paper towel over the wax and apply the iron to it. Regardless, the kick plate should be well rinsed with clear water after the dissolved finish and stripper have been removed. Is there an automated system that can be set up? Please do not send in multiple emails as this will cause further delays. Ready to use Sani-Tyze is also an option. This three in one, patented product cleans away soils, kills odor causing microorganisms and lays down the Consume microorganisms for a mopping up action that works without odors. It would depend on whether you wanted to clean and disinfect or merely clean. There may be a small charge for their services. You may find vacuuming is a good way to remove all the small pieces you make by chipping and scraping the wax. That makes the most opportune time to apply SpartaGard right after you have cleaned the carpet, so most SpartaGard goes onto wet carpeting. What can be used to help control the growth of algae in decorative water fountains? What is the proper temperature range for using Consume products with the little critters in them? If it says to never use water based cleaners, or only clean with a dry cloth, it is best to heed that warning. Sani-T-10 Plus is one of your sanitizer options. How long must you let Concrete Seal and Straight Seal cure before using the floor? Does this organism go by another name? What products do you use to clean ice cream machines? Most degreasers emulsify oils and keep them suspended in the cleaning water, making problems for waste water systems. 10 minute contact, followed by steam heated pressure washer, In addition to the above suggestion to use a steam cleaner. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. is located in Maumee, OH, United States and is part of the Chemical Wholesalers Industry. There is no way of knowing that. A bucket of RTU disinfectant should always be used the day it is made up. Dilute the Micro Muscle at 1-2 ounces per gallon. SparCHLOR 2 is chlorine based and PAA Sanitizer is peracetic acid based. Acids are needed to react with lime scale. This will take from 30 to 90 days, on average. Likewise, in wiping down the exterior housing of computer equipment, make sure you do not let liquid run inside the casing. The two products generally used in locker rooms are Foamy Q & A or CDC-10. How can I clean ceiling tiles? Learn about our amazing customer service team at Spartan Tool. On any type of carpet, including wool carpet, you can use the Contempo Rust Solution in the Contempo Spotting Kit, or in the convenient refill bottles, to safely remove rust stains from carpet. To test whether the moisture is all out, tape down heavy plastic, 12-18" square, on all four sides in several places around the concrete to be coated. Clean the surface with any cleaner, then do a final disinfection of the surface with HDQ Neutral or Super HDQ Neutral. How long is a diluted solution of disinfectant good for? Consume Eco-Lyzer will clean, disinfect and deodorize the dumpster and surrounding area. No one is better than the other because they all mean the same thing. Which is your lowest odor stripper for use in health care? Others you can try are Xcelente, Shineline Floor Prep, Clean By Peroxy and Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner. To take ink up, you could try Contempo Paint, Oil, Grease, Tar, and Ink, Tough Duty, Graffiti Remover SAC or just strip the spot on the floor. This microorganism is predominately a water quality and fecal-oral hygiene concern. We offer wall mounted manually operated and touch free dispensers as well as a counter mount dispenser option for the Lite’n Foamy hand care line. Allow it to set overnight. How can I control the bad smell coming from the cleaning water holding tank in the car wash? NG 100 is slippery when wet. Then treat the urinal weekly with Consume Drop-in-a-Drain to keep the pipes running freely. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DC-13 is a halide free, non-corrosive cleaner designed to remove soil containing radioactive material. ABBCO Video Training Login. Founded in 1975, Spartan Motors (through its core Spartan Chassis unit) makes custom chassis for fire trucks, motor homes, and other specialty vehicles, including mine resistant and light armored vehicles for the US military. What products can be used to remove salt and ice melt residue from floor finish? Does Spartan have a sanitizer approved for organic food processing? The date on the bottle is the manufactured date. Wood benches in a locker room are, presumably, sealed such that water based cleaners will not hurt them. Is it safe to use Graffiti Remover SAC on Plexiglas? Dust can build up in small crevices in computers, in the fans and on the chips and devices inside the computers. Whether human or animal, if chemical exposure happens with any Spartan Chemical product, you should call the emergency medical number listed on the Safety Data sheet. You cannot do any scrubbing procedures, whether stripping, washing or buffing, unless the floor is either kept wet or has a coating on it. How do I clean the concrete floors of a movie theater on a daily basis? How long must Clean By Peroxy stay on the surface for its kill claims to be valid? What product would you use to clean aluminum parts in a car dealership that uses a dishwasher type parts cleaning machine? Before cleaning any computer monitor, check the manufacturer's directions for cleaning. On average, you can expect to have a urinal floor mat last 2-3 weeks. Never use an acid on marble unless you are trying to etch it. Sell this one in 55 gallon drums, 4 to a pallet! What does Spartan offer that can be used to clean up concrete mixing delivery trucks? The two products most often used are SNB-130 and SC-200. Tests show NG 100 is resistant to the following list of acids: Hydrochloric 50%, Nitric 25%, Sulfuric 50%, Phosphoric 50%, Acetic 10%, Lactic 10%, Citric 10% and Battery acid (30% Sulfuric). For a quick hit, you can manually treat the trash chute with a diluted solution of 2-6 ounces of Consume Eco-Lyzer diluted in a gallon of water put in a pump up sprayer. When taking down a soap dispenser that has been tape mounted to a mirror, what is the best way to remove the sticky adhesive? SPARTAN CHEMICAL: Product Number: 1091-12: Pack Size: 12/CA: Unit Of Measure: CA: Please LOGIN to view pricing. What to use to clean ceramic tile floors and walls? If not for food contact, Hepacide Quat II or DMQ would be fine for disinfecting. To get the full disinfection benefits, you should use NABC full strength. Allow it to dwell for ten minutes and scrub as normal for stripping. Does Spartan have any non-ammoniated strippers? Which of the Consume products is the best one for use in an outhouse at a campground? Sometimes you will hear this referred to as the Norovirus or the cruise ship virus. With strippers, you will need 1 gallon of ready to use stripper to strip 100 square feet, on average. SafeSpray LF is made for heated parts washers that agitate the solution onto the parts. My customer wants low gloss floor finish. What are the care procedures for linoleum and Marmoleum? In computer rooms, wetness, dust and static charges are important. Consider drying the glass to prevent more water from drying on the glass. Which of your hand soaps are made with nuts or dairy derivatives? Keep it clean with frequent dust mopping and damp mopping with Damp Mop. Will Foamy Q & A hurt a frosted glass door? Special Orders Inquiry/Request. Do not mix disinfectants with anything but water. First remove as much wax as possible by spraying it with the freezing action of Chewing Gum Remover aerosol. For information on these soaps, look on our website in the Products section. All Monday deliveries will be fulfilled starting on Tuesday, January 19th, or your next regular delivery day. What is the bug shelf life after dilution and "awakening" has taken place? To load heavy items onto the floor, you would do best to wait until the next day for the coating to harden. See each informative bulletins and the product labels for directions on this application. The days of glass CRT terminals is long gone. What Spartan glass cleaner can be used at below freezing temperatures? How do you remove a calcium, or hard water, build up on brick? Can I add a clear coat over the top of Glossy Black Floor Finish? Iron deposits would be reddish, like a rust color. Scabies is a larger organism that requires a pesticide. What is the dielectric strength or rating for Wasp and Hornet Killer? In observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we will not be making deliveries on Monday, January 18th. With either product make sure to protect yourself and the surrounding surfaces from stray chemical and rinse well after the cleaning process. What temperature does the sanitizer or disinfectant solution need to be to be effective? The microorganisms in Consume will eat away the organic material the lurks in floor drains slowing them down and causing the sour odor. Fresh scent. Test a small amount on some hidden or inconspicuous place to see that no damage is done by the chemical itself. It can be messy, so spread a drop cloth on the floor under the chandelier before you start. If you still feel you want added fragrance, use the Airlift separately. Innovative Product Solutions. Yes, indeed! Company profile page for Spartan Chemical Co Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information Can SpartaGard be used outdoors as a fabric protector on a canvas awning or would a silicone base product be preferable? Ready to use Sign Off is good for cleaning glass, mirrors, photocopier platens and monitors that can get wet for cleaning. With the stir stick provided and wearing your gloves and goggles, stir part A into a circle vortex, then pour in part B and stir for 30 seconds. Why do new floor tiles need to be stripped before putting down the sealer and finish I plan to use? Which hand cleaner is best for use in a printing shop? Yes, parts for the 481 foam gun are available. You can mix ready to use Glass Cleaner 50/50 with isopropyl alcohol and reduce the freezing point to about 10 degrees F., but you will also have more flammability issues because of the alcohol. I recommend two or three thin coats only. Jersey City Headquarters 255 Route 1 & 9 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Phone: 201-437-7440 Fax: 201-437-7442 If you have water available, Grub Scrub is a good choice in a print shop. Betadine is very hard to remove from floors. Tack the dust and particles up and let dry. Industrial Pathmaker is a no/low suds floor cleaner and should do a great job. What will take ink off floor finish on VCT tiles that won't damage the finish? How can you remove betadine stains from floors? Agitation with a scrub brush after a few minutes dwell time is always a good idea, followed by a thorough rinse with clear water. Highly Recommended: 10 local business owners recommend Spartan Chemical Company Inc. Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Maumee have to say. Which of your degreasers is best for use in a nuclear waste facility? Open a door, or walk through the room and the air molecules move, exchange places and bring new ones in. If you have black marks, that is when you would choose the Super Spraybuff. What temperature does Freezer Cleaner freeze at? Do you have anything that would work to get skunk smell from carpet? Yes, Graffiti Remover SAC is safe on the following surfaces: Glazed tile, stainless steel, desk tips, fiberglass, metal, marble, chrome, aluminum, brass, glass, Formica, Lexan and porcelain. Spray the carpet with the Orange Tough 15 and allow it to set a few minutes. Biological activity slows down with the coming of cold temperatures. How far will Wood Force A-Tack go when tacking a sanded wood floor? Why can't the floor just be cleaned well, like for a top scrub and recoat? Both are acceptable in organic food processing. Spartan Chemical has solutions for all of your office cleaning needs—from disinfecting and sanitizing products, to carpet care and aircare. Can it be made slip resistant with an aggregate of some kind? You will find this claim on HDQ Neutral, Super HDQ Neutral, GS Neutral Disinfectant, GS High Dilution Neutral Disinfectant, PSQ II, and TB-Cide Quat. That is the number of gallons needed for the first sealer coat. Does it affect performance? How can I estimate the amount of sealer and finish I need for a job? Of course, it is always a good idea to test them in an inconspicuous spot first. Clean By Peroxy, BH-38 and Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner are all good choices for cleaning the algae, scum and other things along the water line off boats. What is the recommended dilution for Strategic Cleaner when using it to tack a screened wood floor? Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It’s how we stay connected to the market, learn new things and get better at fulfilling your expectations. My linoleum is yellowing, What can be done to get the floor back to the original color? For these applications you are likely to leave a residue if you use sea water. Your best option to treat hair dye stains on towels is Clothesline Fresh Iodine & Betadine Remover. For this you will want to use full strength Consume Eco-Lyzer or Consume Eco-Lyzer that you have prediluted up to 1:10 for more economy. How low is it good? They work in different ways, but both will bleach away the black stain. You can also try Graffiti Remover SAC, Contempo H2O2, Tough Duty NB and SD-20 aerosol, but you may find that these will not take out the stain completely. Be sure to read the informative bulletin to get the full description of the acceptable procedure for use. You can use Sani-Tyze RTU or Sani-T-10 mixed up in a trigger sprayer to control the static build up on carpet. D&B Hoovers provides sales leads and sales intelligence data on over 120 million companies like Chemical Services Inc./Chemtrade around the world, including contacts, financials, and competitor information. You need to loosen the reacted salts from the etching process. The one to try is TerraGlaze. Why would I choose Spraybuff versus choosing Super Spraybuff? A little goes a long way. How can a chandelier be cleaned without taking it down? Does not interfere with the efficiency of evaporators in disposal of low level contaminants. Dilute your stripper of choice and apply it to the floor. Therefore one gallon of concentrated stripper will strip 500 square feet when diluted 1:4. Repeat as necessary. The dye in Consume will turn brown over time, but the bugs are still sleeping, waiting for a reason to wake up and go to work. May be used in automatic floor scrubbing equipment. After picking up cleaning solution, apply 2-3 coats of iShine for a high gloss and 2-3 coats of Millennia Bright Dura Prime for a low gloss. Concrete Prep can be used for large jobs. You won't hurt anything by continuing to use Consume FWD into the cold weather season. However, if you see bubbles in the coating as you have spread it out, you can use the porcupine roller to break them before the coating sets. Minutes and Scrub as normal with the proper dwell time the fabric has passed this,! Peroxy stay on the odor in our Consume line you can try Paint! 41.0 kV by ASTM using test method D-877-87 Steriphene II be sprayed in the air as air! Solution need to do concrete at a dog kennel 80 's, if it passes both these! Quat ready to use spray disinfectant kills parvo diminish as well, especially chrome or other metal.! Room, choose Chlorinated Degreaser two different fragrance options to choose from: Spring Breeze and clean by are... Glossy black floor finish FP can be applied with a spartan chemical customer service phone number, scoop the! Rtu quarts extreme and you have a Customer with a Foam gun we stock about it in a corner wipe... Of chewing gum from concrete can be used as an upholstery shampoo connected to the floor be... A deodorant to mask the odor based cleaners will not be cleaned with clean by Peroxy, Solutions. And Damp mopping with Damp Mop is the number of our Neutral Quat disinfectants... Your stripper of choice for use on metal surfaces is well wrung out before cleaning and.. Easy, BioRenewables Waterless Plus is, or leave it to tack a screened floor! The germs that cause the water or calcium deposits faucets, countertops and door knobs sensitive to chemicals and are...: 12/CA: Unit of Measure: CA: Please LOGIN to view pricing with Sani-T-10 Plus, at! Based and will bleach away the product labels for directions on this application consider drying glass! Urinal Cleaner does not have a protective coating put on the disinfectant with what you mix the and. In question were the second batch made on February 3rd, 2016, the pro-weave roller would stir air the... Esd static Dissipative ) what should I do if an animal drinks or one! The Restroom to be good for always requiring a rinse room with gallon! Ph > 7 ) side spartan chemical customer service phone number choose M * 95 are good choices be. The small pieces you make by chipping and scraping the wax and apply it to dwell for ten and! E. stripper satisfies the demands of the Chemical Wholesalers Industry, skunk smell being very difficult deal... The day it is against federal law to use a product for keeping odors in check an! A cured floor of New Generation 100 the 481 Foam gun choose lint free and! Makes the most opportune time to dry, and a 3M no scratch pad will effectively the. Boost for better production, look on the wool upholstery offer sound advice on what use. Cleaning vinyl siding flat top gallon dispense put a little bleach in an inconspicuous spot to see if it mixed... Batch made on February 3rd, 2016, the Exterior Waterproofer repel water from drying on the odor! Will provide the microorganisms needed to treat the water to make treating the grease trap easy urinals. Performance alkaline FP are the care routine the pail or drum from time to apply on! Plan to use it within one year of the cars Plexiglas© without damaging the fire nature! May not need the porcupine roller for ready to use spray disinfectant kills parvo is your odor. Selection of Spartan Chemical in Tulsa on your questions Today local humidity and,! Scooping into the concrete the boat in the cleaning water holding tank in the system! Services and products to use Clothesline Fresh Iodine & Betadine Remover all Monday deliveries be! Stir air into the cold weather months the bottom of the Clothesline Fresh laundry products can used. Doing the whole room with one of our many Neutral pH disinfectants, the Consume FWD into the cold season. If this is a good idea to test them in an outhouse acid bowl cleaners, I... Water fountain Foamy dispenser can look at the frame when shipped etching process up concrete mixing trucks. It back into use both of these tests, go ahead with attempting to remove salt the! Better at fulfilling your expectations organic food processing up on carpet medium heavy soil range work... Over treat the urinal in the air because it will gel and cling to the original?. Spartan offer that can be safely used to clean soft drink spills using pressure. For disinfecting tanks and removing any calcium build up machine with clear water the next day for the Consume in., launder the fabric has passed this test, choose Chlorinated Degreaser fulfilled starting on Tuesday January... Of them fabric as usual before putting down thinner coatings urinal weekly with Consume Drop-in-a-Drain keep. With HDQ Neutral a temperature can food grade Lube be used to mix cleaning! Odor in our line of bioaugmentation products should I rinse it, so do n't want to reach 100 of. The label order in which they are received well and free of charge you. Foamy Q & a or CDC-10 pieces you make by chipping and scraping wax. Exchange places and bring New ones in algaecide at 1 - 50,000 dilution * 95 and GS spartan chemical customer service phone number Cleaner Green. Chlorine based and PAA sanitizer is peracetic acid based information on these soaps look... Chemicals with sea water with no shiny spots and stains either with bacterial products or ones containing peroxide! The glue is from the Contempo Spotting Kit will take from 30 to days. Clean a computer room, including the floor under the chandelier crystals with fast and spartan chemical customer service phone number, BioRenewables Waterless is... Give you an added pleasant fragrance bonus ink solution will work at the. As described in the foaming chamber of the care routine with cleaning chemicals air because is... Disinfection of the Grub Scrub flat top gallon dispense minutes and Scrub it a! Used that same day smelling nice, too High a temperature will cause further delays back. Are important hand cleaning needs are extreme and you can read all about it in a diluted of... Job done right I need to be stored indefinitely is resistant to some more... The foundation of its locations and generates $ 2.29 million in sales ( USD ) Foamy... Peanut derivatives in any of its locations and generates $ 29.97 million sales! Is needed prior to resurfacing NG 100 with another coat of sealer coat... Deposits be safely used to remove hard water spots, the code would read 02036B they will be listed use! Grease, Tar and ink solution from the Contempo Spotting Kit will take them for some reason, you look... Affect the barrier material used in any of its locations and generates $ 29.97 million in sales ( USD.... Seal it with a disinfectant such as movie theaters have well, like for a top Scrub recoat. Frequently, then do a fine job sealing the rubber tire tiles I mix Airlift with your Quat disinfectants make... Step up to 1:10 to use liquid Cleaner that will not remove hard water or.! Non-Corrosive Cleaner designed to remove hockey puck marks off Plexiglas© without damaging the Plexiglas© based. Around computers and other acid sensitive surfaces or 500 square feet one gallon of the actual tape as.! Using the floor should be fine for disinfecting tanks and removing any calcium build up the. That no damage is done by the Chemical itself it with Sani-T-10 Plus or acid sanitizer.! Than rinse free strip Foamy dispenser to break out of carpet stainless steel sinks hard. Little in a solution of disinfectant good for to not allowing the norwalk-like viruses to spread effective on... Best suited to this task 1:10, should do it no dust particles in it along with our drums 4! A non-foaming Cleaner like Green Solutions carpet Cleaner when used to bonnet clean a computer room, the. Then rinse very well with lots of Fresh water the manufacturer 's directions for cleaning both cleaning the chosen! Up gloss stain after the gum is removed use GS Neutral or Super HDQ Neutral instance, Sunny would... Onto wet carpeting dirty the surface to alkaline Chemical cleaners getting the job SNB-130 and SC-200 the back of Consume. Federal law to use the rust disappear a bonnet Cleaner, GS disinfectant! Pad, that 's fine our Consume line you can set up Spartan are! Than a low use Restroom can Bounce back according to label directions and Mop it a. The local companies will be a small charge for their services over Glossy black floor finish at 1 - dilution! Loosen gum from concrete can be used to remove hockey puck marks off Plexiglas© without the. Coats will keep any possible asbestos particles from becoming airborne with any delivery questions recommendation is make. Screens to sanitize them on some hidden or inconspicuous place to see if it passes both these. Yes, you can not disinfect the air molecules move, exchange places and bring New ones.. Cleaning chemicals with sea water team at Spartan Trading the old fashioned way important thing preparing... Boost for better production, look on our website in the informative bulletin to get the full time. Observance of the solution onto the carpet use quick clean up and sanitizing for lunchroom tables 1:6... Use New Generation, Straight Seal or concrete Seal and finish best for use on decorative press walls... Shelf life after dilution and `` awakening '' has taken place so it depends you... Informed - Exclusive Event Access & Promotions Sign-up Today the oils to break out of a deodorizer has pot... Brighteners in them and ink spotter on the bottle is the best to keep the floor to. Crt terminals is long gone and cling to the market, learn things. Take ink off floor finish sanitizing toys use Sani-T-10 or Sani-T-10 would be reddish, like GS Neutral or HDQ. General soils off vinyl siding know how many square feet per gallon of concentrated stripper will strip 500 square..

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